Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WTF with the Licorice Flavor?

Has anyone else noticed that all brands of generic ibuprofen seem to have added a ghastly black licorice taste to the tablets?

Not only that, but it has a hint of mintyness to it.

QUIT IT WITH THE MINTY BLACK LICORICE TASTE! It's awful and I'm taking these tablets because I'm already miserable!!

I feel like I'm ingesting hardened dollops of some failed licorice flavored kid toothpaste.


Tai said...

I didn't notice that but....EW! I can certainly sympathize!

Summer said...

I was just commenting on the same damn thing...googled it, and here your blog entry was. Glad I'm not crazy!

Anonymous said...

I just took some and remembered to google it myself. Sure enough you're the only relevant result. I mean, WTF^?