Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Bizarro Effect

There just isn't much going on lately that is write-about-able.

There's the recurring dream I've been having lately. Which showcases my broken being so very well. You know how most people have that recurring dream about being back in high school/college, and they've missed a final, or can't get their locker open? Pretty typical stuff, right?

Well here's what I've got going on. Whenever I have that dream? I'm back in high school/college FOR A SECOND TIME, AND JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT. I literally keep telling people that I've graduated already, but I'm back on campus taking classes again... just because. And sure, I still can't find my locker, I've missed a final and I can't remember what order my classes are in or what days they are. But I console myself by saying "I've already graduated, and they know I'm here because I want to be, so it should be ok." I can only presume that "they" is the administration of the school. I've had this dream no less than 60 times in the last 5 years.

And my hopes of growing up and out of any childhood traumas that cause this dream to keep happening have been shoved in a grave and buried alive.

We need look no further back than this past Christmas Eve. My parents had people over for a traditional Christmas Eve dinner. They do it every year. Sometimes friends and family with no other obligations come to this event. This year I was especially excited because pal Ka and his super fantastic girlfriend were going to be there. Ka had been before, but she had not. And the parents have missed Ka very much.

So just imagine my abject horror when my Dad was seen running around the house and preparing Christmas Eve dinner, WITH A RUBBER GLOVE ON ONE OF HIS HANDS. Yes, just one hand. And yes, it never came off. No, it was not something like an oven mitt. It was just plain creepy and psycho doctor-y.

See the orb in the photo? That's my soul, trying to escape the pull of my obviously nut-bar father. I was half waiting for him to throw some sequins on his mitt, moon walk and squeal "heee heeeeeeee" while dancing in front of the flames on the gas stove.


Keyser Soze said...

Hello and happy 2008 most wonderful and fabulous Zoom-y!
I never hear from you now in my new incarnation as Keyser Soze so I have to come and bug you and say that you still make me laugh horribly and by that I mean wonderfully! LOL Rock on!
-AndyT13 AKA Keyser

BostonPobble said...

You're wicked missed, Zooom. Just so you know.