Sunday, June 08, 2008

"Giant White Noise Machine"

You'll have to click it to actually read it.

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BostonPobble said...

Why don't they have it streamline?'s not streamlined? It looked streamlined...What is Zooom catching that I'm missing? How should it be made? How is it made? Isn't that a t.v. show? On right after Deadliest Catch in the afternoons. I wonder if Deadliest Catch is on now? I hope Phil is okay. But I like Sig and Edgar better. I wish I could be friends with Sig and Edgar. Was Zooom talking about Sig and Edgar? I don't think so somehow...Oh, right, that white noise thingy...


ZooooM said...

Giant Whit Noise Machine is a line from The Soup. I heart that show. Also, yes! How it's Made is the show on Discovery or Science channel, which I think are owned by the same peeps. I don't know when it airs though, as it hits the DVR and that's how I watch it.