Sunday, August 03, 2008

All the World's My Helmet

Mr. Zoom came home from the store with salsa. And thank goodness he got the non-poisonous one.

I suppose in the wake of the tomato scare, I get it. But here's an example of caution gone too far:

Because if you come back from the fair with anything less than 3 layers of dust, straw, beer, animal hairs, drool, chocolate, sweat, a set of ShamWows and a sense of having sold your soul for something deep fried, well - ur doin it wrong.


alfiala said...

I went to the fair here one-time and a bunch of people were all looking down -- the only thing I can assume is that they never saw so many people wearing shoes -
longtime no talk

ZooooM said...


Must admit I'm so not sure who you are. longtime no talk could be many people. Because I'm a jackass many times, without intention.

Send me e-mail if you'd like to chat, whoever you are?

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

One would certainly hope they squirt -- after all, there isn't any other way to get it out of the container, as far as I can see....