Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Am Where MeMes Go To Die

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me.

I got the tagging by @EntropyAS, who also has a blog My life lately has been such that anything I could write here would have to do with work and I'm not comfortable throwing things going on in that area out in the public at the moment.

We Zooms are fine for now. It's not really our lives being directly affected. But we're feeling it, all the same.

Way to turn something fun into a downer, eh?

1. In elementary school, I signed up for and played both the violin and trumpet. First it was violin, then it was trumpet. Not entirely sure how either of those happened, but they did. They both lasted approximately one year. Both instruments were rented. Sure, I loved and still love music - but I do not have the urge to play any musical instrument, besides my husband.

2. I was a "death rocker" in the 80s. Today it may still be called "goth". I fell in love with dark, moody, punky gothy music in high school. I desperately wanted a mohawk, but my parents wouldn't let me do it. And I was actually afraid of authority, so I sucked at both punk and death rock life. I did manage to shave the sides of my head one summer and dodged my parents for about a week before they finally saw it and grounded me for the rest of that summer. Through college I wanted pink and purple hair so bad. But I had a job and couldn't get away with it. All that remains now of this time of my life is a huge iTunes collection that makes my husband laugh and a bunch of vinyl records I can't bear to part with. Even though I own no turntable. Oh, and my Doc Martins with skeleton laces. LOVE THOSE. Still wear them.

3. I dread the day the printed book no longer gets made. I love technology, but I love actual books even more. I suppose I collect books, but that is only because I purchase them, read them, and want to keep all of them. But I don't keep them all pristine. I drag books with me everywhere, so they get a tad beat up in the process. So my "collection" isn't what I'd consider a collector's collection. I dog ear pages with quotes I love. References to other books or movies I might want to follow up on. Recently, I discovered post-it flags and now my books have rainbows of colored post it flags waving from their pages. Seriously, if anything happened to our home, [and as long as people I love were alive and safe], I'd probably miss my books the most. Mr. Zoom would immediately dance in all the extra space.

4. I am unreasonably defiant in the face of white chocolate. I don't understand it, I don't like it, and I can't shut up about that when in the presence of it.

5. I can't keep from giving gifts early. This is a serious impulse control problem. I can't buy things before birthdays or Christmas without giving them to the person right away. It honestly makes me squeak if I have to hold it for more than 5 minutes after I next see the intended gift recipient. My friends and family think this is hilarious.

6. I love scary movies, but if a particularly disturbing one gets to me, I have to sleep with a light on that night, sometimes more. Mr. Zoom will wake up and find me in the guest room zonked out with the hall light on. I've found the best way to watch them is at home on a very sunny day. And even then I have to have a blanket to cover my head and create a peep hole. No watching those suckers at night or in a movie theater.

7. I have this weird reverence for expiration dates. I know that a thing does not have a tiny little clock inside of it that ticks down and goes boom when the expiration date arrives. I know that. But I can't seem to use certain things after that date. I can use certain medications a few months after the date, but it gets really hinky after that. With food I can't even let it go for like a week. I just can't. This drives Mr. Zoom crazy. er. He can use an item that expired in 1987. I point, shriek and run away.

Those are my things. I believe I'm supposed to tag people. 7 of them. I'm going to do that annoying "tag yourself if you'd like to participate" thing. Think of it like a hidden track on a cd. The 8th thing you may not know about me is that I can't bring myself to tag people.


Amanda Shankle-Knowlton said...

We have plenty of food in our house that Mr. Zoom might enjoy.

Coconut Cream Pie said...

I am totally with you on # 7.

Gnightgirl said...

Funny, I'm the opposite with food & meds, on expiration dates. I can dance around and work with some expired foods, telling myself it's the "sell buy" date, and that I have a grace period.

Medicines, though: The expiration dates on a new bottle of Advil are a couple years down the road; even if I get close to that expiration date, I figured I must have bought the stuff in 2005, and that it won't do any good. I toss it! Goodbye, stale meds!

Anonymous said...

The closest I've come to punk, goth, or anything anti-establishment? That's right -- blatantly ignoring expiration dates.
That being said, I love your 7 things and you have perhaps the most endearing quirks ever!

Queen Lindstifa said...

I am the same way with gifts and expiration dates! In order to avoid giving gifts early I wait until the last possible minute to buy them. It's not a very good strategy, really. I throw milk out the day before the expiration date. Maybe if I had a roommate I'd be more willing to risk it, but I'd hate to be found dead weeks after the fact due to bad milk.

BostonPobble said...

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT see the movie "Audition." It's a J-Horror and it isn't the least bit scary...until the last 15 minutes. Oh My Ever Loving God.

And I still do the Goth thing ~ although I'm blending with Rockabilly more and more these days. Skull laced Docs. So cool.