Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Point of Reference Went Home Early

It's strange how life slowly curves out from under you sometimes. It's like falling asleep at the wheel, only when you wake up you haven't crashed. You are just in a little bit of a different place than you were, and you aren't sure when, exactly, things changed.

I just haven't had the time to read and comment on my favorite blogs like I used to. You might say "But, you post, so you must have some free time in there?" I expel my current crazy at the office on a blank document, and then can only access blogger in a way where I can post, but can't read. Or comment. So while it might look like I'm spending some time in blog land, I'm not really. And if they have pictures, I've done them at home and fought long and hard with the computer.

And when I do get to read my favorites, I'm not even finding time to jot a comment. Partly because I'm not in the new account, so the commenting function all but tells me to F Off and refuses to acknowledge me or my jibber jabber in the comment section - and partly because what little time I do spend here, I want to read as many people as I can. Which leaves less time to comment.

So to any and all of you that are accustomed to seeing my nonsensical jibber jabber in your comments, it's probably not going to be that way any more. I might get a rare block of time, and if I do I will make sure I say hi.

In other words, you might not see evidence of my visits, but when I can I do. Or something.

In retardation news, I'm not having a lot of luck with the security at the new firm. The keypad that lets us into the office in the mornings looks exactly like an ATM pad. My firm now has a complete, repetitive record of my ATM card pin number - if they check my failed entry attempts. Turns out my pin number doesn't let me in the door - the assigned code does. But I can't seem to get the urge to put my pin number in the key pad out of my system. And the angry lights that blink at me when I put the wrong code in are starting to get a little old. Sometimes I'll wait for someone else to come by and act like I just got "there" too. I let them do the code thing so I can just follow them in.

There is currently a new sign on one of the doors indicating it would be really nice if people didn't attempt to enter the doors until the "click" of the lock release is heard. Apparently people inside and next to the doors are not as amused at my full speed crash into locked doors outside thing as I am.

Today after spraying my pants with Static Guard, I forgot to turn them right side out again. I even got the top hooks clasped before I tried to zip them up and couldn't figure out why the zipper wasn't "right".

Which incidentally, brings up another fact of life I've learned and am much amused with. There are a number of websites out there that gather all blog postings/web jibber jabber related to their particular product, and they link them - a compiler type thing - on their page. The pages are generally very weak attempts at - I'm not sure what. I think the idea is to sell advertising, but I'm still not sure. What makes me laugh is that at one point I wrote about how I don't like Dave Matthews. It was the story of how Mr. Zoom killed a clown while we discussed Dave Matthews and the fact that I noted: bad smell - Dave Matthews = Must.be.Related. At some point that entry was compiler linked to some Dave Matthews page.

So let me get this straight. I can compare Dave Matthews to a fetid smell that comes out of my husband's ass - and it gets linked to a site trying to convince you they are the authority on the subject?


How did we get from inside out pants to Dave Matthews? Static Guard! Maybe that product has a compiler web page or 100 as well. Maybe I can convince someone that Static Guard turned my pants inside out. I don't know. I just see an opportunity to semi-mess with what is obviously not so much quality/relevance screening in that web linking process.

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AndyT13 said...

Wow. Just ...wow. We haven't had a wow just wow post in a while. How very non sequiter of you! Nice diamond penguin bookshelf.