Friday, October 14, 2005

Gone Missing

I'm not going to have much time to play with Blogger for a little while. I'm sure I'll be back, but not until after the big W. We have so many little things to take care of, apparently. Neither one of us thought we had a complicated event planned. But all in all, I'm having a fun time with it.

My mom calls every single day. She claims she's trying to find out if my brother has sent us his RSVP card yet. I, however, know this is code for "You didn't find the money trail from us to C, did you? You still believe he wasn't paid off to marry you, right?"

Anyone out there who needs a good read should check out the links over there on the right. Namely Bemused Musings' Rev Brandy - who has links to people I have also come to enjoy: Scagssville - Population Otter and Kid H and Smile Like You Mean It - Population Ryan.

Also visit 2 Hot Chiks - Theresa is brilliant and irreverant. And I love her. She also has a ton of links, like Al Goes to 11. Al likes to talk to Jeeber.

There are many many more, and I didn't mean to leave anyone out. I'm trying to throw this entry together before being late for work....again, as it is. My apologies if I missed people, and I know I have.

See you all in November sometime.



The Idiot said...

Hold on.

I've got to activate the Zoom Translator, so everyone out there will know what is really being said.

"I am hitting Vegas hard this weekend with my girls to get my mad bachelorette freak on. WHOOP-WHOOP! BOOYAKAH! Peace out till' then my peeps. Nothing but love for ya'!"

.....yeah, that's pretty close to the truth

Ryan said...

Well, you heard the girl, people!

Al said...

Best of luck kids. C, remember the ket to a sucessful marriage is this "I'm sorry, It's all my fault, It will never happen again". Believe me, it's a heck of a lot easier than arguing and it's a quicker route back to watching football.
Zoomer - a couple of things for Vegas, 3 things people never remember to bring - and are usually sad that they forgot.
1. Aceteline Torch - handcuffs, need I say more
2. Paint Thinner - removes much more than just body paint, indellible ink and super glue also
3. Fake Diplomatic Immunity Papers - when the cops show up (and you know they will)start screaming gibberish (or even Jeeberish) and waving around the papers. The cops will usually let you go, not wanting to incite an international incident.

Anyway - be good to each other and we'll see ya when you get back!

AndyT13 said...

Enjoy the big W. Jeebus lubs you.

The Management said...

Hey Zoom,

Have a super duper time. Try not to get yourself arrested, killed, or any other bad thing (it is called Sin City for a reason).

Anyway, thanks for the plug (guess I should get around to writing again).

Best Wishes,


theresa said...

When is the happy event? (so we can stand in the yard and blow kisses westward - - for Al it will be northwest, and they will smell like stale beer before they get to you.)

And, how do we send gifts? I liked Al's suggestions - - those were wedding gift suggestions weren't they? - - If not, where are you registered?

I get so confused about human bonding and mating rituals. I offered a "Guess How Many Stretch Marks My Sister Has?" game for the baby shower. Only one person laughed - - you guessed it - - the other old barren cousin (she's my favorite).

ZooooM said...

Hi everybody! Theresa, the day is Friday, November 4.

I too liked Al's ideas.

And as usual Theresa, you made me laugh. Barren cousin. Kills me.



The Idiot said...

Need Zoom nuptial details?

You can go to;

theresa said...

Crappity, Crap, CRAP!!!
I was getting really excited about crashing your wedding, but I'm not going to be out there until the week before Thanksgiving. I woulda even talked Al into meeting me there to make sure I behaved myself ... or to take pictures, as he's apt to do.

ZooooM said...

T!! If you are ever here in the CA, give us a call. We could meet up for some drink or food or whatnot.

Aieee! The boy posted some pretty scary pictures of my forehead over on the other site. And my nose rivals that of Owen Wilson, apparently.

If you wanna, drop me an e-mail at

Aisha T. said...

Congrats on the big day. I dropped in after seeing your G.I.R pic on Stephen's blog.

ZooooM said...

Aisha T! Hi. I saw his comment on Theresa's blog and went over to see what up.

And now I'll probably be reading him too. Everyone knows so many good writers. I don't know how I'm going to keep up!

Gir rules.

Rev. Brandy said...

I love the wedding blog . . . the photos are awesome, enormous foreheads aside.


I will be performing a wedding on November 4, 2005, at 5:30, EST, just about the time you all will be pooping your pants. I will send warm wedding wishes westward that evening.


ZooooM said...

he he he. Thanks Rev. It's as close to having you here with us as we can get - but we will take it!!

This morning in the shower I kept thinking...cake, I can't wait to eat all the cupcakes I can get my hands on. (we aren't having the traditional "cake")

I'm a wierdo.

Al said...

awwww - what cute pictures. First week of November, hmmmmmmmmm. Theresa, if you're counting on me keeping you out of trouble, we both better either have our passports or bail money. I know a great little place that has no extradiction. It will be wasy to spot me at your wedding, I'll be the one with the flask full of Jamison singing "Danny Boy". I've got this killer bright red suit like Otis Redding used to wear too.
Hopefully everything will go well, remember couples get married but the whole wedding is a show for the people who will give you money.
mmmmmmm cupcakes

AndyT13 said...

I just got back from my best pal's wedding up in Boston. A grand time was had by all and the lovley Brenda even cam back from the DR early so she could come with. She rocks. Anyway, hope yer well. Miss yer bloggy self.

The Management said...

Damn... I really hate not having new Zooom to read... hurry up and get this wedding thing over with...

It's not fair not sharing.


theresa said...


Rev. Brandy said...