Thursday, October 06, 2005

Office Lunchroom

I had to do some things on my lunch hour today, so I got some junky fast food and ate it in the office kitchen.

Two co-workers were already in there. This is what they said to each other:

Oh, and I have to add that they are both hispanic. The reason I had to type that will become clear in a moment.


Her: "Oooh, look here in the paper. A list of the 25 Greatest Hispanics. Don't you want to read it?"

Him: "Oh, it's just a list of the 25 Mexicans that have managed to avoid jail. Not get busted - you know. There's only 25 of them left."


Here's the second conversation they had:

Him: "Do you know what I'm thinking about getting? I'm thinking about getting a kid."

Her: "What?"

Him: "You know, buy a kid...the foreign kids...the ones who can't feed themselves?"

Her: "You mean adopt - one of those charity type things. Why would you want to do that. Isn't it like $2.00 a day? If you want to feed someone, FEED ME!"


These two conversations made me bolt from my table and run to my desk where I wrote some notes on a stickie and stuck it in my purse so I'd remember to chronicle them here.

Thank goodness She said something about the charity adoption program thing. For a second I thought he really wanted to "buy" a kid. And I couldn't figure out why...since he's already got two at home.

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Al said...

Zoomer - hysterical, you should introduce them to Joey. I bet he'd set them straight. BTW, Thank Jeeb-izzle for me - I won the office football pool and the 'Bama upset helped me out also. Let him know that I need Ohio State to cover this week and If he's got any feelings on the Notre Dame/USC game next week. I know which way he's routing, just want to know if there will be any Jeeb-a-licious intervention.