Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Guess What Lives in my Trash Can.

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There's an alien civilization living in the trash can, in our bathroom.

Oh, and I guess it's worth mentioning that they are invisible.

You might be asking yourself what makes me believe this, and I'll tell you.

Every day C and I use q-tips. When we finish using them, we try to throw them away. Without fail, those q-tips are deflected by the alien force field, and deposited in the VERY NARROW space between the trash can and the wall.

It's truly amazing. You would think that having the can surrounded on two whole sides by wall would be the most excellent back board for flawless tip flinging. And it would be, if an advanced civilization hadn't decided to live in our trash can.

The force field is never down. However, one watching our daily routine might wonder why we seem to believe it will be one day. Because only crazy people would keep throwing things at an invisible force field - and then curse while retrieving the deflected trash the way we do.


Rev. Brandy said...

Dude! What is UP with the alien invasion in our trash cans? That is so true.

The Management said...

I don't believe that they are alien. I think they are just a very very old race of beings that predates most life on earth.

Besides the Q-tip thing, they are a pretty cool bunch of microscopic dudes. I partied with them once or twice.


ZooooM said...

Rev, did some of them move into your can too? he he. I'm going to laugh about that for a while.

I did forget to mention they are Otter Approved, whatever they are.