Friday, February 02, 2007

Crosswalk is for Yelling. Jaywalk is for Not My Problem.

To the lady who jaywalked in front of me today carrying a garment bag and apparently a load of unresolved crazy, try using the crosswalk next time, or simply crossing at a flipping intersection. I didn't hit you, or even come close. But your reaction at what I can only guess is your opinion that I was trying to run you over - was given strict orders to hunt you down and do so - was distracting. I am now angry at myself for failing to aim for you.

When you and your entourage decide to cross a street by bolting out of a parking structure into traffic where there is no expectation of pedestrians without a death wish rather than using the crosswalk up the path a bit - the onus is on YOU to dodge traffic. (I just said onus.) It's not my problem that your bottled up bitter tipped over while I happened to be following the rules of the road. The rest of your group seemed to understand this, as they didn't even flinch or give me a second look until you started waving your arms around and yelling at me - looking a lot like a pinwheel about to exceed maximum spin.

Find a crosswalk, get in it and then you can yell at me if I appear to nearly run you over. Otherwise, keep your flailing to yourself until you end up on the hood of my truck.


Ryan said...

When I go to NYC, people run me over all the time. I think it's funny. :p

AndyT13 said...

Yay! Can I be on your hood next?

BTW Ryan, everyone knows jaywalking carries the death penalty in NYC.