Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And This is How I Thank Him

So this morning on our way to get my coffee, Mr. Zoom and I had a vent fight. Well, not so much a fight, as it was a battle of wills in positioning the vents in the car.

Mr. Zoom runs at about 3,259 degrees. I run at 70. There is a constant fussing with the vents in the car because Mr. Zoom always has the a/c on and I sometimes forget to bring a jacket into the car with me. Even when I remember the jacket, I try to shut the little vents off because I'm cold. The vents in the middle of the dash do not have fully-close-off-ability like the ones on the side.

So normally I point both center vents at Mr. Zoom. This morning he pointed one of the vents back in my general direction and I flipped it back to him. "No, no - see? See it's not reaching you - the cold. When you push it all the way towards me, it doesn't hit me."

I answered by flipping the vent back at him. "Look" he said, "I've tested it and your zone doesn't get any of the cold air." He was demonstrating by drawing an invisible verticle line up and down near my zone.

"FINE." I pouted. And I sat there in silence with my hands in my lap. I did not believe that air vents pointed anywhere near my zone actually hit him and not me, but I had given up the struggle for vent control and decided to wallow in my own fumage.

When we got to the coffee shop I exited the car and bought my coffee. By the time I'd returned to the car, I had totally forgotten I was even "annoyed at him". This is my biggest failing as a wife. I can't remember to stay annoyed for more than two minutes. I'm like a commercial break of childishness.

During the last part of the drive to work, I had to sneeze. I turned away from him and covered my mouth and nose. Or so I thought. Looking out of the passenger window of Mr. Zooms recently washed vehicle, I saw what COULD HAVE been passed off as little rain drops or splash from a puddle. There was no viscosity there, it was clear, watery spit and not the other variety, thank goodness.

I was mortified, and decided to use the arm of my sweater to get rid of the evidence. I casually lifted my left arm to the window and made a series of wiping motions. Mr. Zoom caught on immediately, and when he saw what I was up to he started laughing so hard I started to get the giggles too.

Later at the office I was presented with two boxes from one of the mail guys. Mr. Zoom had ordered and had delivered to the office, tulips for me. He does that all the time. He will randomly order flowers for me and have them delivered to the office for no particular reason. It's so very sweet of him. And I very much appreciate it.

Except for the fact that all my co-workers feel like they've missed my birthday or some flower worthy event in my life. And I almost feel bad telling them no, it's just because. So this round when they ask "special occasion?", I'm going to say "Yeah, I sneezed on his car."


Spin_Doc1 said...

Ah flowers, I am push over for flowers.

Rev. Brandy said...

So romantic and wonderful. I love your stories. They are the best.

Aisha T. said...

D and I have this same arguement. He's a nuclear reactor and I'm always shivering. He doesn't do the tulip part *pout* he needs to read your blog!