Friday, February 17, 2006

Ah. Could've Been a Better Week.

With the enourmous production I make almost daily about going to work [to Mr. Zoom], you'd think I've still got a fever when I tell you...

I can NOT wait to get back to work.

It wasn't until Wednesday of this week that I believe I turned the corner from feeling crappier every day to feeling like at some point I'd be "normal" again. Advil had been my best friend in the world until Thursday. I can't tell you how happy I am not to have to drag the bottle around the house with me anymore.

I've seen too many talk shows. Maury and Montel. I've seen far too many Jerry Springer episodes. I've rented a bunch of films from the on demand - and they were all awful. But they were better than my choices on cable.

Very stinky daytime t.v. indeed.

I called my formerly amish mom a bunch this week too. Turns out, she's officially retired now. I can only imagine that the combination of both mom and dad retired is going to provide many a story for me to share with you.

For instance: Mom had noticed last October that the guest bathroom sink leaked. She asked Dad to fix it. She came home from work and it was fixed.

About December, Mom noticed that only hot water would come out of the sink in the guest bathroom. Concerned that her Christmas guests would, perhaps, flee her home while selling the story to the Enquirer, she asked Dad to fix it.

He didn't. And I used that bathroom at Christmas time and never even noticed there was no cold water.

So recently Mom called a plumber while Dad was at cooking class. The plumber took one look at the sink and said "Mam, someone has turned OFF the cold water under this sink. It's not broken. But it does leak when the water is turned ON.

She had him fix it.

Poor Dad. His fix was discovered. Although he put up quite a fight with the "I have no idea how that got turned off".

It's like watching my brothers and I 30 years ago, how we would try and pull one or more over on the parents or each other. And how we'd bold face lie about any knowledge of the crime. This will probably be fun.


Leila said...

ha! what a riot.

there's nothing worse than being busy ----> except not being busy!

Ryan said...

I know. Is it just me, or was Springer way better TV in the 90's? I've graduated to more refined daytime tastes, now - like Dr. Phil. :)

ZooooM said...

Leila, I agree.

Ryan, I think there was actuallly a time when Jerry Springer was a true talk show! Waaaay back when it first began. I believe he used to have like one or two guests, and nobody beat the crap out of each other or got naked on the t.v.

But as we all know, that doesn't sell unless you are Oprah.

AndyT13 said...

I just love the story abou tyour parents. That's a friggin HOWL! Glad yer feeling better! BTW, the phrase "Bad daytime TV" is redundant.