Sunday, April 06, 2008

I Was Conflicted. Now I'm Just a Side Bar Whore.

I decided to yank my (blogger provided) links section and throw in the widget that shows you my delicious links instead. Or - as the proper format is. You get a better variety while still getting the ones I really hope you find as entertaining as I do. And I don't miss anyone. It got a little confusing as to what links I had where.

Not sure how it happened, but apparently I can't stop linking my life to the sidebar. I like having everything in one place, clickable, and on the web where I can access it regardless of which-what-where computer I'm sitting at.

Apparently side bar love is more for me and my convenience than it is for you. I am THAT easy.


Barry said...

I have but I cannot figure out how it all works - besides links

ZooooM said...

Barry!! OMGOSH! I thought you had to leave the blog world and such?? HIIII!

I very much stumble through all of the functions of almost every on line thingie I belong to. And the "new" blogger ...what, it's about a couple of years old now? The new one pretty much helps by giving you boxes to dump stuff into. And sites like give you code to copy paste.

I figure if I don't launch a missle with my computer bumbles, I'm good. It's just a bonus if I actually manage to make an edit to the blog without reducing the whole thing to ascii.

BostonPobble said...

My links are TOTALLY for me. If they help y'all, great. But if not...hey, I'm selfish that way. ;)

Yay Barry!