Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wonder Why.

I don't understand why almost every, no wait...yes, every Japanese restaurant I've ever eaten at - why the owners/employees/waiters/waitresses/hostesses seem to despise their customers so much.

Am I the only person that feels this? It could just be me, because I have an incredibly bad habit of creating some kind of theory - a pattern - in my head and then "seeing" the results all over the place.

But it just seems like every time Mr. Zoom and I go for Sushi or other general Japanese food, the staff would really rather be punched in the face than deal with customers. You try and order things, and you get the look. The one that says "oh seriously, sad excuse for a customer - why WHY do you eat that? I know it is on the menu, but we don't expect people to order it and it literally hurts us to make it and bring it out to you."

Or you just get the belligerent shift. "NO. You can not order two appetizers AND an entree. That is not how it is done." "NO. You can not order TWO of the same entree. You must have better variety." Once I was with friends and we were at our favorite sushi place. We had noticed that sometimes the "appetizers" came out after the entrees, or after we were basically done eating and had almost forgotten they had been ordered. Other times they would arrive "first". When we asked about this phenomenon (politely, because if we were a bunch of jackasses - I'd totally understand ALL of this), we were given the curt response of "that's how it goes."

And when you leave, they practically scream "THANK YOU" as you walk out the door. Causing me to worry that it is a thank you loaded with sarcasm and potential boobie traps. Will the door hit me on the ass on the way out?

We aren't noisey. We aren't unkind, in fact we are very appreciative of service. We tip well. You wouldn't notice us sitting next to you even if you knew us in person.

I'm always so conflicted. I never know if I should assert myself the least little bit or continue to try and find the magic words to keep the wait staff from making that face at me/us. And it's exhausting looking out for potential boobie traps all the time. Especially after some Sapporo.


Rev. Brandy said...

Literally laughing peals of laughter into my quiet, study-hall-esque dining room, where I am totally study-breaking (such a bad student, BTW), leaning over books and pencils and calculators to mainline the internet, because I can't stay away even for a minute (is there such a thing as internet addiction?).

OMG. I love the whole thing about them yelling "THANK YOU!" as you leave. What IS that? That happens at my favorite sushi joint as well. I have taken to warding off their bad behavior with gigantic tips. I couldn't do anything else - I didn't know what to do - so I just tip everyone like 30%, give a little smile and run for my life with my bag o' sushi in hand.


Mrs. Pie said...

The gigantic THANK YOU at the end befuddles me as well!

Next time, meet me at Taiko's - they have great service as well as the THANK YOU!