Monday, April 10, 2006

I'd Rather Eat A Fish Taco Than Drink a Pepsi

Dear Wahoo's Fish Tacos:

Despite the fact that your official name contains "Fish Tacos", I have become addicted to your food. I love the #2 combo. Black beans, rice and two chicken tacos. CHICKEN, not fish. Ew! with the fish.

The only thing that would make me love you more would be for you to drop the contract you have with Pepsi. I hate Pepsi. I used to think Pepsi tasted like dirt. And I know what dirt tastes like thanks to two older brothers and two working parents. I now testify that Pepsi tastes a little like soap AND dirt combined. Yes, I also know what soap tastes like.

Please obtain a contract with Coca Cola. Coke. The beverage that tastes like and is, in fact, good times. You won't be sorry.

Thank you,


AndyT13 said...

Now see, I'd never heard of Wahoo's Fish Tacos restaurants. I'm somewhat surprised that they were able to stay open with that name. That's kinda like Amos' Anuses or something. Sheesh!
I don't like Coke OR Pepsi. Beer please? Or, failing that, root beer, cream soda or maybe mountain dew.

Ka said...

My dear Zoom,

It's a simple matter of fact that fish tacos are one of the greatest inventions of all time... somewhere between the mini-skirt and the television remote control.

I would hope that you could give that breaded fillet of halibut goodness another try and realize that sliced cabbage and bechamel sauce make the Wahoo's fish taco a taste trifecta.

I concur with your assessment of PepsiCo products... I'm still waiting for Wendy's to honor my humble request for stocking RC Cola, A&W Cream Soda and Cactus Cooler... all to no avail, I'm afraid.

I believe there is a Wahoo's in Vegas...

ZooooM said...

Andy, Wahoo's is going to take over the world soon. I don't know where all the locations are yet...but trust me. If I went in there...eventually you will too. They also serve beer there.

Ka. I reject you totally. And completely. NO FISH TACOS. I don't care if they are the bomb. I don't. Nope. Nnnno. No.

And if there is one in Vegas, don't count on Mr. Zoom going. He's not a fan.

Al said...

Zoomer -
Sorry, No Wahoo's here in Florida -
I keep hearing rumours about a Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar opening but no Wahoo's
I don't do the rice & beans thing - but heck if it's between the minishirt and TV remote - I think I better try

AndyT13 said...

I hate to say this out loud but since it's you...are you aware that a fish taco is
euphemism? For a certain female body part? Just checking...

The Management said...

Booo Pepsi... YEAH COKE...

Yeah, screw Pepsi, it's too freaking sweet, plus that choice of a new generation crap... Well... I'm still pissed at that for some reason.

As for Fish Tacos... besides the Wink wink, nudge, nudge about their name.. I do loves me some.


ZooooM said...

Andy, you mean HAIR PIE? Yeah, there are so many things named without concern as to how much it makes me giggle.

And I'd respect a fish taco place MORE if it had COKE!

As it is, every time I hear someone say Duty in our office I sit there snickering to myself..."they said doodie!"

Al, I do hope that someday you get a Wahoo's.

AndyT13 said...

Hair. Pie. Yes, that's EXACTLY what I meant.

Aisha T. said... tacos. Yuuum! I don't usually drink soda but, I'm in agreement. If you are going to serve, serve the good times stuff!

Ryan said...

Oh God, hon. I don't think we would be a very good couple. I'm a Pepsi person!



Barry said...

Coke over Pepsi any day (butI think it's the same stuff over here, they just change cans) I agree with RC cola, ok its been I think many years since I had one, but why not? I don't think I had a fish Taco, maybe Whaoo's can get an AEFES Contract and go where we go ;)