Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Time Changes Everything

Isn't it amazing how the Monday after the spring forward time change my Gym looks EXACTLY like a Target? One of my best workouts. Ever.

There are a few people I am acquainted with who recently had children. The hot e-mail topic yesterday was: "How soon after birthing critters can they be taken into public."

One doctor said 4 weeks, one said 6. I don't know if the issue is germs or the fact that babies need time for some kind of sun shield to harden? I know their skulls have soft spots that one shouldn't poke...but the rest is a mystery.

And people wonder why I'm afraid to hold one when they bring it out.

If my parents and other elders are to be believed, newly born children can pretty much be slung in one arm and run like footballs to any destination one chooses. Of course, this is also the tail end of that generation that smoked and drank during pregnancy.

In fact, someone in our little social group, someone who's sass I admire greatly said to Mr. Zoom "That's because your momma smoked when she was pregnant with you."


Aisha T. said...

I know their skulls have soft spots that one shouldn't poke...but the rest is a mystery.

Ah, Zoomie, I've missed you. Between this and your last post, I've been laughing up a storm.

Polyman2 said...

It's not a skull issue,
nor a germ issue.
It's the ugly factor-
If a baby is cute-
bring it right out,
if it's ugly-
keep it indoors till
it's of school age.

AndyT13 said...

I'm always amazed at things like this. Yes, our parent smoked and drank and did drugs (so did WE) and we're all still here and none the worse for wear. If the kid's breast fed properly his immune system is more or less as good as his mother's. If you don't DROP them on their heads they're more indestructable than WE are I imagine. Bah. I don't know nothin'
'bout birthin' no babies.

Al said...

I just wonder why people look at you wierd if you throw a leash on them and tie them to a pole in the front yard?

ZooooM said...

Al, I wonder too. And isn't a closet designed to hold them when you can't keep an eye on them?

Andy, I never want to know the secrets of babies. Ever.

Poly, You might be on to something.

T!! I missed you too.