Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Do Not Lie Down Within 30 Minutes...or?

This is how I Christmas shop. I see things and I run towards them with a camera. It's very annoying for poor Mr. Zoom who has to try and keep me on track.

This week is brutal. I'm taking care of business, holiday and otherwise, in the hours before, during and after work this week. I absolutely HATE the stress the "holidays" create. Yet I LOVE finding the perfect gift for someone. But then I can't hold onto it until "the day".

It's hard being me.

I had intended to take a picture of the prescription bottle I received from the pharmacy the other day. The prescription is for my stupid uterus and its monthly girly squeeze fest also known as menstral cramps.

I just burned the eyes of any male readers, and probably some female ones too. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

So I get the refill and there are 5 little colorful warning labels on there accompanying the big white one we are all accustomed to. At first it was all the usual stuff: Take with food, take with plenty of water, limit loud mouth soup...etc.

Then I see: "Do not lie down for at least 30 minutes after taking this medication."

You.must.be.joking. I can't even keep myself verticle for 30 whole minutes without falling down EVEN WITHOUT TAKING MEDICATION. I turned to Mr. Zoom and said "Oh NO! Last night I took one of these while laying down! Do you think I'll live?"


Al said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH, I'm Blind!!!!!!!!

Buck Up Little Camper, No pressure during the holidays. C'mon, what's the worst that could happen - don't find the perfect gift for someone and they hate you. Buy the wrong size and you offend them? Don't spend enough money and this massive consumer driver machine economy comes crashing down and millions are out on the street homeless, pennyless and hungry?
Just kidding -
By the way, these warning labels are getting out of control. I guess there's some heartburn medication that causes oily flatulance and the heart of deadly diahrehha - Holy crap ( literally)

Aisha T. said...

That's a new one. Between that and the vertigo it's a wonder that you are able to get any shopping done! I wonder what is supposed to happen? I hope you feel better!

Al: Oil flatulance. EEEEEWWWWWW!

The Management said...

I really really like that first photo...

I mean a lot... I keep looking at it.


Ryan said...

Didn't burn my eyes. Mom made that everybody's business in our house. lol

Go ahead, Z. Do it. Take one and then lay down. Become the rebel that lives inside you!

Just make sure Mr. Z keeps an eye on you, 'K? If you dropped dead during the Christmas season, than everybody else's holidays would be like totally ruined. :)

ZooooM said...

Al - Well now, I'm not in need of anything that gives me oily clown killing....and I hope I'm not ever in the need of it. However, this does give some perspective to the whole vertical/horizontal challenge I now face.

Aisha, I'm a lemon. I've got a medication drawer that would rival any 85 year old lady. Or any 85 year old man for that matter.

Management Otter, that is a picture of the sign (it's a kindof arty sign) for the South Coast Rep. that is across from my office. I need to find a daylight picture of it so you can compare. It's obviously much more exciting at night. I'm glad you like it. If you want, I can e-mail you the full gigantor sized one and you can do whatever you want with it. MERRY CHRISTMAS?

Aww Ryan. No, no ruining anyone's holiday for me. I like to push the limits, but not die.

AndyT13 said...

Zoomy you rock! :-) I sympathize with the whole shopping thing. Happy Holidays! Do not read this within 30 minutes of sitting down.

theresa said...

Are you sure you aren't blogging from the dead?

Merry Christmadness to you and the Mister Z.

(as if I caught you both under the mistletoe) *smooch* & *smooch*