Saturday, June 17, 2006


One morning during a clothes fight, I said in frustration "None of my clothes want to be worn today. NONE of them." Mr. Zoom didn't even flinch - he just said "So now you are the sweater whisperer, are you?"

He doesn't realize that his non questioning of the things that fly out of my mouth only serves to encourage the situation. Or maybe he does. Either way, I love him for not runing away from me holding up a crucifix.

We were at a shopping center one evening when we spied a couple with their absolutely adorable, teeny tiny puppy. The little guy had on a mini hoodie and was romping around having a great time. And I'm not kidding, he was no bigger than a standard 12oz beer can. It was probably a she, since the hoodie was pink....but whatever.

And regardless of my opinion that people really shouldn't carry animals as accessories in their purses - or drag them to malls for shopping (if it's just doggie exercise and one isn't hauling them into stores, I suppose I think it's less evil) - I still can't help but coo over the cuteness of critters. I mean, if it's already there, I might as well give in, right?

This, by the way, is the same strategy I employ with cake. My gym membership thanks me for this not so effective diet tactic.

I said to Mr. Zoom "OHMYGAWD that's so cute I bet that when it poops, jelly beans come out!"


Aisha T. said...

Poops and jelly beans come out *laughing hard*. I can't wait to use that one especially with all the tea cup sized dogs in the city. I'm a little more partial to bulldogs and German Shepards though.

Rev. Brandy said...

LAUGHING OUT LOUD at the last line.

Zoom, you are fabulous.

AndyT13 said...

More Jelly Bean Poop from the mind of the Sweater Whisperer.
Film at 11.
Yes, you rock. Oh yes, you really do.

The Management said...

Jelly Beans were the favorite junk food of someone that the Management really respects (or used to.. or I still do it's just that person isn't here any longer... Any one who made it to Otters house will know who I'm talking about 'cause I painted a 5 foot tall painiting of him).

The above statement has no real bearing on your (zoom) post, which was freaking "A class prime".

p.s. I talk to more things that are in-capable of hearing than things that are.


theresa said...

My BIG DOG poops Jelly-Bean-Poopers!

Hey! Can you come over this morning? I'm really confused about what to wear. All my clothes stopped talking to me since I changed to a hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

Ryan said...

You and Mr. Zoom should have your own reality show on Bravo. Please!

naive-no-more said...

Zoom, I'm finally trickling here from....from...well, from many of the blogs I read. I find your comments very humorous and thought I'd come check you out myself. I'll be back.

Barry said...

So funny!!! I am sure it is NOT jellybeans though.

ZooooM said...

You all make me smile. Thanks.

You all give me far too much credit. Seriously.

Hello Naive! I read your comments on T's blog, I believe. It's hard for me to get around to everyone, but I try. Thanks for stopping by!