Monday, June 05, 2006

What Do You Mean It's Leafs not Leaves?

"My" team was out of the playoffs in think second round. I don't pay attention all that well to the way this Stanley Cup thing works.

I love hockey because I get to watch grown men windmill girl fight each other over pretty much nothing. Well, nothing until one team touches the other team's goalie. Then it's more of a righting of the unbalance in the world.

Before Mr. Zoom came along, I would occasionally go to an ice hockey game with friends. I'd watch the fighting and drink my beer - never bothering to learn teams, rules, or anything like that.

Now that Mr. Zoom is here I have started to learn a little bit about the game. Short handed goals, icing (still gets me sometimes), hat trick, power play, the fact that they are PERIODS not QUARTERS or HALVES.

Mr. Zoom's favorite team is the Colorado Avalanche. He was actually born there so I guess he goes about this favorite team thing the traditional way.

My team is the Wrenches. The tools. Ok, so the official name is New Jersey Devils. I've never been to NJ, nor do I know anything about the team. What happened was, one year Mr. Zoom and I were watching a game at home. I didn't have my glasses on. I stupidly said "so those guys, the wrenches..." Giggles from Mr. Zoom. "WHAT?! It looks like wrenches on their jerseys...." Mr. Zoom clarifies things. "OOOOOOoooh. Devils. That's supposed to be symbolic of devils. Ok, but I like mine better."

That's the way I get myself a hockey team to root for.


Al said...

Zoomer - your killing me - the wrenches!!!!
today being 6-6-06 - def going to see the omen tonite and solidfy the no kids idea

ZooooM said...

I honestly keep forgetting it's the alignment of the 6's.

Oh, and I happened to see on t.v. that Nick Cage is going to be in a remake of "The Wicker Man?" The hell? Maybe this time around they are going to explain the damn thing?

I rented it ages ago, and for the life of me couldn't figure out what everyone loved about that movie. And now every time I see a story on "Burning Man" out in nowhereville CA, I get the same feeling I did after watching the original "Wicker Man", even though I don't think they are related.