Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Sweater Won The Fight This Morning

To all the bloggers I link to, and even some I don't link but try to read every day: I'm still reading your stuff, I just can't comment on it every time I do. Also, I don't get to respond to any comments left here as often as I'd like.

I can only update my little jibber jabber space from the office, I cannot view it or make/read comments. I can't view or make comments on any of YOUR blogs, either.

Stupid funproof work internet.

Here's what I have to work with. Approximately 5 minutes in the morning before I run out the door late to work (again). And that's only if I haven't had a clothes fight. And I'm sure you can all guess how often that isn't.

I sometimes have a while after work. Thing is, I've got season 3 of Scrubs on dvd. And while I like all of you, I love Scrubs. So between hockey play off games, and re-watching every episode of Scrubs - you are all better at math than I am so there you go.

That's my incredibly inept way of telling you all that while I don't get to make comments all the time, I'm still reading. And even if I don't get to comment back to you when you leave a comment here, I still appreciate you.


Aisha T. said...

*quivering lower lip* You mean, Scrubs and the hockey playoffs are more beautiful than our blogs? What do they have that our blogs don't *besides the fact that these playoffs are really friggin' exciting this year--do you think game 7 for the Sabres/Hurricanes will be another OT?* Sorry, lost myself there. *Tears welling up in eyes* THE LEAST YOU COULD DO IS ACT LIKE YOU CARE WHEN YOUR TALKING TO US!!!!

Meanwhile, the Oilers are heading to New York. I wonder if they are staying in the city--I don't think they are in Manhattan though. Some of the teams stay at our hotel but, in a way, I hope they aren't staying here. The last time the Oilers stayed at my hotel, the head coach's wife drove us batty. How can guys that slam each other around on the ice have such high maintainence mates?

Polyman2 said...

I understand completely.
I am the ghost of blogger past.

Barry said...

Sometimes I even get that way trying to respond on my blog! Hey I visit and don't always post too, sometimes I just can't think of anything clever - wait, no...that can't be it then I would never comment...haha

BostonPobble said...

WHAT??? You want a life? You want to be responsible to yourself, your friends, family, Mr. Zoom, and employers? You aren't willing to sacrifice all that just to sit in front of your computer and cater to US, your readers, all day long????