Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kitty Returns to His Castle

This last week I'd been taking care of my parents' house while they took a road trip. They put Slausen (resident King Fluffy Britches) in the kitty hotel for a week and a half for a couple of reasons. One was the horrible heat we've had. They didn't want to leave him in the house with the unpredictable heat where I could only check on him after work. Another was he had recently been sick, and we are all a little afraid he will get sick while we weren't watching and we might lose him. Irrational, yes. Indicitive of how much we love our critters, yes.

Yesterday I went and got Slausen from his hotel for Mom and Dad, since they would be returning after pick up hours. Slausen used to be my cat. My baby. Because poor Mr. Zoom ends up in the hospital and nearly dying himself when exposed to cat for a long time...well, that's how Mom and Dad ended up adopting him. Because I had Slausen as a kitten, I knew he liked to ride in cars. When I got him safely in the truck I let him out of his carrier:

He doesn't know he's a cat. Wags his tail even while running to the various windows to look out. I'd bet he'd hang his head out the window too if I dared roll one down. Which I don't.

After leaving him fully petted, fooded and watered, I headed back to work.

This next picture is going to require a little explaining.

You see, I've got this thing about harassing Mr. Zoom into taking me to Canada on vacation. I don't even have much of a specific reason to want to go there, or a specific location within the Canada that I want to see. I just - for some reason - latched on to that idea and in true womanly fashion - will not let it go.

If there's ever an open ended discussion about destination - I'll illogically reply with "how about Canada?" i.e. "Where should we go to eat tonight?" "How about Canada?" Sometimes I'm more creative: "I need to find a place that sells ___________." "OHH, I bet there's one in CANADA!"

It's gotten to the point where he feeds me the lines now. "If we drove to __________, the shortest route there would probably be through ...." "CANADA!?" "Yes Zoom, Canada. I know you want to go there. I haven't forgotten."

I've now brought this unfortunate passtime to another level by wanting to obtain a motor home type thing and drive everywhere on vacation. Not just Canada. I have officially hit the crazy, old lady (sans cats) who wants a motor home age. I suppose this could be my mid life crisis.

So on the way back to work after replacing kitty in his castle, I saw THIS on the road:

Ok, originally the vision for this part of the post had the picture. But Blogger won't let me do it now so it's all out of order and the picture in the post above this one.

I want one of these Road Toaster Airstream thingies. Mr. Zoom and I looked on the all knowing internet, and we've determined that my new love is actually an Airstream Bambi. Although I can't ride in something called a Bambi, so I'm going to call it a road toaster.

I came home with this picture and all kinds of jibber jabber: "We could upgrade my truck with a tow package, buy one of these and GO TO CANADA!"


Polyman2 said...

I had a 25ft terry trailer for 5 years until I sold it. One year we took a trip to Niagra Falls and stayed a week in a nice campground in Canada while visiting the falls.
Was real nice. I say go 4 it.

Spin_Doc1 said...

I would like a cat that thought it was a dog.