Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When It's a Slow Zoom Week

There's so much that happens in my days that I can't write about. Believe it or not, I think about it [sometimes] before I throw something on here.

That, combined with a spike in business for my particular group at work has made for infrequent posting by me.

So what's a girl to do? Turn the video feature on her husband. That's what.

It's hard to video him by surprise anymore. He's SOO on to me, that I can rarely evoke that sigh signaling his reminder program has been activated: "I married her. Voluntarily. Remember when you thought stuff like this was cute. REMEMBER!"

Last night at a shopping center Mr. Zoom went into a sunglasses store. He's been shopping for new ones for at least the last 50 years. Ok, maybe I embellish. It's only been about 3 years.

I tried to catch him trying glasses on, but he was too far away from me. The only thing I did get was when he finally saw me shooting video at him through the store's window, he did that sigh/head shake thing. Which makes me laugh. Which equals entertainment for me. Underwhelment for you.

Check this out:

fired - Custom videocodes by MyWynk

In previous sunglass browsing experiences, I've noticed the name PEOPLES. Of course, I didn't bother to read the OLIVER part. I said to Mr. Zoom "Wasn't that an actor in ... uh... the 80s or something? Didn't he have kinda funny hair or something? How does just anybody sell stuff now?"

Mr. Zoom cleared things up: "No knucklehead. That was MARIO VAN, not OLIVER."


Aisha T. said...

*laughing* I'm sure Mr. Zoom is sick of it but, I for one am not! I love the secret Zooom video cams. I only did it to D once when he was being especially nerdy about transformers in the anime store but, I didn't capture the full nerd moment. Just him catching me with a mean look on his face. But, since he's not suspecting me anymore......or maybe I should have you come in and I'll distract. HEY! That's it! You need a third person around you and Mr. Zooom at all times so he's distracted and we can see more videos.

Polyman2 said...

I see he tolerates the intrusion on his space. Oh Zooom, your so funny.

ZooooM said...

Aisha, excellent! We should combine Mr. Zoom and D in a comic store. Mine loves transformers too, but also Batman, Star Wars, Matrix, other things I can't name properly.

Life is good when you can make yourself laugh.

Poly, he super tolerates everything well. I try and thank him over and over and over for being him and marrying me. He speakes me, which is rare - and he doesn't kick me to the wife curb when I've been a jackass. What more can a woman want??

AndyT13 said...

I love that "OK, OK, on your way." hand motion! Laugh riot! Wunnaful.