Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's Like He Loves Me Anyway

Friday night I settled onto the couch to rule my living room queendom and order the subject television around. Mr. Zoom cuddled up with me and said "I'm going to stay here forever." My reply? "Bring ice cream."

I left the house today with the camera. I wanted to give Mr. Zoom some time to have the house to himself. Plus, I just don't sit still very well and wanted to go exploring.

I went up to Old Town Orange. I was goofing around at the train station when a train came through. It had fun graffiti on it. I love graffiti. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because someone wanted someone to notice what they did...and I noticed. So I got to just stand there while the train came by and brought me fun graffiti to take pictures of.

Here's the link to the set on flickr if you want to see it:

I also came across this shop window. The shop WAS called Stiches. But someone fixed the window so it now says "TITS". And I'm still laughing about that.

The other night when I was driving home from work, I saw this cross on the side of the road.

It says Robert on it. It also says "from your little sister." Roadside memorials get me the same way graffiti does. Someone wanted someone to notice, and I did. I just wish I knew more about what happened. Or maybe I don't.


Spin_Doc1 said...

I don't want to know more about road side memorials.

ZooooM said...

I usually am sorry when I do find out, but in a strange way it makes me more careful (when it involves a car accident and a fatality) when I pass that spot again. We currently have a memorial going on the really busy street near our home. Our asssociation's newsletter finally solved the mystery (to us) as to what had happened there. It turns out that there have been at least 4 such accidents in the past, and this is the first one I've heard of. I am now VERY careful in that stretch of road. Although I should be that careful everywhere.

The Management said...
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The Management said...

Way to many spelling mistakes in that last post. Take two...

Like the Flicker set...However, this is not my purpose for the comment...

I went to Philly this weekend. While chatting with an old college friend of mine, I discovered that he reads all of your posts. Loves em. He doesn't comment though.

Just thought you would like to know there is a strange looking bald guy in PA who thinks you are an entertaining and skilled writer.


ZooooM said...

HI MANAGING OTTER! Way to make me blush, by the way. Tell him thank you for me, or I suppose if he reads comments...thank you Philly friend of Otter.