Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome to Pooville

Last night I was taking some time after work to gather a bit of my personal stuff out of my work area. Every evening I've hauled a box out to the truck so that on the last day I'm not tempting the fall over gods with my wide load.

My telephone rang, and it was the office manager. I was informed that I am not permitted to use the term "crap" in the office. Even after hours. Here's what I heard "bla bla bla I challenge you to be creative in your off color language bla bla bla."

I'm certainly not going the way of a certain co-worker who uses the term "Puppy Trax" (yes, she has it spelled out on a sign in her cube) whenever she feels the need to creatively curse. Whenever she lobs this annoying phrase into the atmosphere, the wave of cringing can be seen circling the office - sometimes twice - depending on the number of Trax delivered. If I were going to be working here longer, I would blame the next round of heart attacks on the additional stress created by resisting the smackdown of this phrase and its overwhelming hurl factor.

I know call the crap POO. While not exactly creative, it is amusing. To me. "Aw Poo. I just dropped my pen in my lap for the 3rd time today. Another 2 or 3 rounds and I'll be forced to wear yet another unintentional smilie face on my britches - in an unfortunate location."


Polyman3 said...

crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap crap, crap, crap, crap,crap, crap, crap,
there- let her try to stop me.

Barry said...

Winnie the Poo will not be thought of the same way again!

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Do you work for Holly Hobby?

AndyT13 said...

Uh...I'm not even sure I unerstand the content of this post at all.
It's not like that's terribly unusual're leaving aren't you? If someone had stepped to me with that and I knew I was leaving? I'd have offered them a nice steaming hot cup of Go Fuck Yourself. :-) I mean, really.
I actually find puppy trax a rather amusing curse. Awwww, puppy trax! Me likely!

ZooooM said...

poly - your write up is probably in the mail. It makes me giggle so.

Barry - oh, leave it to me to disfigure a childhood icon.

Wofgirl - BAH HA HA HAHAHAHA. I'm not sure. There are days when she cusses more than I do. It's just one of those things.

Andy - Yup, my last day is Thursday. Nothing that happens at my place of current employment makes sense. I'd share much much more with the internet, except some things - no matter how changed they are to protect identity - can't be shared. You go ahead with the puppy trax. Please. It's probably the hypocricy by this woman that gets most people.