Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Sale Price Scans at the Register.

Ages ago, someone told me about the Hollow Earth theory. I saw a picture and went "neato!". I didn't absorb any science concerning it. All I remembered was the water, the islands and the little theoretical sun. And then I promptly forgot all about it.

Which is why (I think) while watching Lost during the last three weeks, my head clicked to "Maybe it's a Hollow Earth theory with other science fiction twists?" It was when the woman said something about sailing around in circles keeping the ... uh... survivors busy. Somehow that made me think Hollow Earth. I googled Hollow Earth and Lost, and see that someone took a lot of time to explain the possibilities and non-possibilities of this being the case. I didn't read it though.

I'm willing to buy it without understanding it and call it a show. I'm growing tired of the cranial blue balls every week.

I was also disturbed, recently, by something I saw in my hair salon the other day. This particular shop displays art by local artists for sale. The name, title and price of the piece is displayed. Totally normal stuff, right?

Yes. But. One particular artist spelled her name "Nansea". And it took me a good 20 seconds to realize it wasn't pronounced "Nanseeeeah", but "Nancy". And then I became annoyed.

It's not that I think unique spellings are bad - in general. I understand the benefit of making one's name stand out. Especially if you are an artist or someone that needs to make sure when you are googled, there's a good chance YOU are on the first page of the results. I'm annoyed because my thinks too much about things that probably don't matter consciousness will now be terrified to assume things that were traditionally sorta ok to assume.

There's already plenty of wiggle room on the spelling of someone's name. I can get into a never ending trough of hot water just by mis-spelling a client's name on accident. I don't need to be aware that there are now about 3 gagillion other ways to spell names that were considered pretty stable (at least by me) until now. Sure, you have your traditional ending in "y" names ending in "i" - and the owners of those names are pretty used to me saying "Judy with a Y or an I?"

Now what am I supposed to do? "Betty? Is that with a Y, an I or a TEA?" "Betsy with a Y, an I or a SEA?"

I'm sure you can see sea that the possibilities are endless.

This is not good for someone who just today, after being at work for 5 hours, realized what that scratchy thing poking her in the lower back was. Yes, I accessorized today's work outfit with the original price tag that came with the skirt. Not just one of those "inspected by ____" stickers that usually hides inside of an article of clothing, but a full sized, anchored with a plastic tether, price tag.


The Idiot said...

Best of luck getting that other tag off your butt.

You know, the one that's permanently affixed.

The one that says "MINE!"

Unacknowledged Genius said...

ooh Mr Zoom. That was so sweet!

I knew this artist who spelled her name WenDee instead of Wendy. It bugged me. Alot.

Al said...

I had the exact opposite happen last week. Went out to dinner and had put my name on a wait list. When they called our party they hostess called out "All". She called it out a second time, then someone came over, looked at the sheet, then whispered in her ear. She then called out "Al". Scary Scary world

AndyT13 said...

Ah my sweet Zoomy. YOu are sublime in your wackiness. Please never change. Thank you.

The Management said...

Damn wacky names piss me off... What ever happened to John, Tim or the ever popular Dave. I know the following people...

Suez (Susy)

Just dumb, I have trouble enough with spelling.. I don't need this crap.


kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

If it messes up the basic comprehension of the name, it bugs me. My personal opinion: language is for communication, not for confusion -- we got enough of that happening already.



theresa said...

If I were a Drag Queen, I'd call myself Ms. Bea Hyphen and I'd wear a bee-hive wig, honey-scented lipgloss and brightly flowered frocks.
Damn, that would be cool.

ZooooM said...

Ah Mr. Zoom, that tag will never be removed.

UG, I hadn't thought of the Dee ending. I think I'm going to take the position "If you have a name I couldn't possibly spell without the aid of you appearing in every tabloid in town, don't get all wound up at me if I assume the traditional spelling."

Al, or All. LOL! It's to the point where we accept anything as a person's name.

Andy, thank you. I won't be changing. As much as some of the world around me would like it - I can't do it.

Managing Otter - you always make me giggle with your grr managing style.

Wolfgirl - I agree with you. When I've mangled the language I use the "but you know what I was trying to say, so no harm no foul" argument. I don't mangle to prove a point, my head just manufactures things that way. I suppose I find myself just less annoying than the intentional?

And leave it to T to come up with the drag queen funny to this name thing. B- Now that's some good stuff!

Aisha T. said...

Oh, Zoom. Hehehehe....You crack me up with your accessories. Hopefully, you aren't getting vinged through at the grocery store.


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