Monday, January 09, 2006

Does Anyone Know Where the Vanilla Folders Are?

Ah. Finally an employee I can relate to. I smiled the biggest smile ever when she asked that question in front of 3 of us. She couldn't see me, her back was to me. But big Mo Mo did say "Don't you mean MANILLA folders?" And I said to myself "Aw, he just likes to add MAN to everything for his own benefit, but on this particular matter, he's right."

I'm not sure when the gift of partial speech filtration was granted to me, but I can say it has saved me from getting fired at least 49 times that I personally know of.

Today was a huge day at my office for the Zooms. Namely, I was the only Zoom there. And that's how it will be from now on.

Mr. Zoom accepted a superfantastic position at another law firm. This has been in the works for a very long time. Today was the first day at his new job for him. It was my first day at an old familiar job without him.

It hurt. It physically hurt me to be without him. Which is really quite retarded, since after arriving at the office we hardly ever physically saw each other. But, just having him in the same building with me was a huge comfort. HUGE. And oh so very convenient.

I didn't have to remember things like keys, cell phone, money.... my head or pants. He was always there to take care of me. And sometimes, sometimes I got to take care of him. I would try to make sure he had a Mocha Frappichappinowino [spelling the coffee isn't my forte] every day. After arriving at the office I'd put it on the ledge of my desk and he'd pick it up after checking in on the server room.


And honestly, this very situation is the exact reason I always railed against his "taking care of me". I was sure that some day I'd have to fend for myself. It took me 34 years to live on my own and be good at it. I knew how quickly those lessons could be forgotten. And that scared me.

It still does.

But only because now I know that I can take care of myself just fine. Sure, I'm going to be driving to or from work someday and realize I've forgotten my cell phone/wallet/...and probably even my pants at some point - but I'll be ok.

The thing that scares me now is how much I miss him.

I've been hesitant to even write about this transition. I want nothing but the best for him and there's absolutely no question that this new job couldn't be a better decision for him.

But I know his heart and how much he wants to protect me. I don't want my temporary flailing in adjusting to affect (effect?) his new employment.

I'm going to be ok, Mr. Zoom. It's going to be an adjustment, but at least I already know the difference between a manilla and a vanilla folder.


theresa said...

Oh, you two are just the BEST!
I bet he was missing you like crazy too. How could he not?

I also require daily assistance with keys, phone, purse, and clothing. More than once I've rushed into a work meeting only to discover by the smirks on my co-worker's faces, that I'd only managed 2 of the 7 buttons on my blouse. You'd think by now I'd know how to dress myself.

Al said...

Just think how nice it will be to come home andsee him.
Also, think of all the dirty little notes you can hide in his lunch box!

AndyT13 said...

Zooooomy! Just catching up on your bloggy. I loved the pants and wedding dress entries. You tell such good and funny stories! Congrats to Mr. Zoom on the new position. You'll be just fine.
Things have improved here. The audition went well but the gig was postponed so we'll see what's up with that. Brenda elevated me from persona non grata to booty call. She likes me!! She really likes me!
I'm so friggin broken. Anyway I'm feeling much better. Thanks for all your kindness. I don't suppose you ever finished off my book, eh?
Love yiz bofe.

Rev. Brandy said...

Oh, I must concur with T., you guys are so darned cute. However, beyond the cuteness is a genuine sense of longing and sadness as Mr. Z. transitions into his new role . . . without you, Z. My heart aches for you, and I know you two will be just fine, in time. It will take time. Missing is a very strong sensation . . . and it's adorable and poignant and truly touching that you're feeling it as deeply as you are at present. Hugs to you.

Aisha T. said...

Zooom, even if you forget your pants, I love that you wrote this! Made me sigh and feel fuzzy but, laugh at the same time. It's nice to hear how close you two are.

ZooooM said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I wrote a long response to all of you here, and the blogger error code "server experiencing issue, engineer notified" came on and ATE IT!

Basically, thank you all - and you are all the best.

Andy, I haven't finished it. I am sorry.