Monday, January 02, 2006

Oh Relax. It's Not Like I Fed Them My Own Cooking!

We invited our friends over for New Years. At least 4 of our friends' households have children that they brought with them. Two of the children were under a year, so there wasn't a whole lot of trouble I could get into there.

The other two sets were - uh - about 4 years old. I think.

The older children had batman figures, coloring books, cars, froot loop neclaces - just stuff everywhere. And we didn't mind at all. It was great to watch other people's kids have fun. Also, the parents got to tell them "no running." or "One......two...... don't make me do it....three." All the stuff I'm absolutely incapable of doing.

Later in the evening I was givng Hershey bars to one child. His mom was right there, and I asked before I did it. I'm not a total idiot, although I am 75% pure. At least. As you will see.

One of the other ones approaches me and says "Can I have 2 candy bars just like Joey?" Way to go, lady with the barren loins. Way to give one kid something without thinking the others would want the same.

I tracked down his mom and asked if it was ok to give him some too. She only let him have one. I felt like a giant What Not To Do poster. For the slow class.

Later, as I was working in the kitchen, child number 2's mom approached me and said "Do you have some granulated sugar and a teaspoon? Maybe I can feed that to my kid."

I said "How about a funnel?"

I knew she was half kidding. And I was too. I don't even own a funnel. But I did have my eyes on the drawer with the turkey baster in it.


theresa said...

Funny title ... great story.

Can I have some chocolate. My mom said it was okay.

Al said...

Did you teach them anything...
It woulda been great to hear a 4 year old has say.. Happy New Year, 2006 is ganna be the shiznit

AndyT13 said...

Happy New year Zoomy. Thanks for you nice comments. I hope you resolved to post more in the New Year. I miss me some zoomy posts when you ain't around. Funneh.
I'm still a total mess but I'm warm and still breathing so how bad could it be?

Aisha T. said...

Happy New Year, Zooom. Sounds like the sugar ridden kids opened up the page with a bang! The kids probably thought you guys were awesome to be giving away candy bars.