Sunday, January 29, 2006

King Cart

The video is darker on the mywink than it is on my computer, and the very last thing I said has been cut out of the mywink version as well. But that's ok. It's the only way I can share with the world the things Mr. Zoom and I do when we are unsupervised. And further proove my point...we don't need children.

This was in an Ikea parking lot at 9pm on a Friday night. What the video on mywink doesn't allow you to hear is my question to Mr. Zoom after - "Are we going to get arrested?"

Cart Fun:

King Of The Cart - Custom videocodes by MyWynk


Rev. Brandy said...

You guys are so darned cute!

The Management said...

Hahahahah, I LOVVVVE IT... Riding carts rule! You guys have too much fun for married people.


Al said...

Bumper carts!!!

ZooooM said...


I just wish you guys could see Mr. Zoom gliding around like Jesus on the carts better. Ikea makes the perfect cart for shennannegans.

We are irresponsible people who happen to be married...I think. At least that seems to be the consensus in the latest polls.