Monday, March 13, 2006

I Call This One ...

I call this one: "Perfectionist Drug Score"


"One of 40 Pieces of Great Grandma's Antique Lace That Was Lovingly Left To Me, But With It, I Know Not What to Do."


"Items left at Our House by Friends' Kids - December 05"


"Favorite Vegas Trinket Purchased By Me and Given to Mr. Zoom"

You might not be able to tell, but this is a lighter made to look like a girl's torso - and when the top is opened, the boobs strobe red lights and the coolie cover strobes green light.


"Best Road Trip Gift Ever Given to Me"

This is a boxing skull pen. It even lights up red when you write with it. I LOVE THIS PEN. My pal Skillit got it for me when she went on a road trip across the country last year.

Here's a side view with boxing action:


And finally: "Something I Love, Far More Than I Should"


This is what happens when I'm left at home alone on a Saturday, and it's raining outside. Oh, and there's some random packing styrofoam in the house. That looks exactly like a frame.

I'm fully aware that while I crack myself up with random crap like this - the outside world isn't nearly as easily amused.

Cox. Remote. How can you not laugh at that?


Polyman2 said...

I like your pictures and sense of humor.

ZooooM said...

Awww. Thanks polyman!

AndyT13 said...

I, of course, adore you and any sort of foolishness you care to post. Like "Aww, look what she posted today! Iddinat CUTE?!?!"
I laughed far harder at the power surge giving you the jibblies. I just love that expression. Woot!

Aisha T. said...

Zoom, you don't only crack yourself up, you have me on the floor rolling. I have never seen such brilliant use of styrofoam!

theresa said...

Clearly, you're a brilliant artist with a small, but very distinct and loyal fan-base. It's really only a matter of time before you're "discovered".