Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Suck at Cooking

Me, to Mr. Zoom - after I ordered a pizza and had it delivered: "See? I got you lunch."

Mr. Zoom: pointing "...you...got me lunch."

Me: "YES! This is actually much more kind than if I tried to cook something for you. If I ever start cooking meals for you....you might want to start sleeping with one eye open, or something."


AndyT13 said...

Nice! You sell yourself short though Zoomie. Believe me there's no big secret to it. Get a cook book, pick a recipe, go buy the ingrediants. You can ask for help at the supermarket if you're unsure or can't find something. Go home, follow the recipe exactly. ViolĂ ! Food! Apologies in advance to Mr. Zoom. I just like starting trouble. :-)

word ver: igroxm
I groks him?

theresa said...

This, from the woman who woke him up claiming Satan was in the room?
Asleep or awake, life must be a blast with you!

ZooooM said...

Andy, I've tried. My family has accepted the no cooking Zoom. Mr. Zoom was fully informed before we got married, and he accepts it too.

T, Thanks. I'll be pointing to this comment when he rolls his eyes at me over something. he he!