Thursday, March 23, 2006

This is the Same Target that is CLOSED ON EASTER.

Ok. My pal Skillit sent me an e-mail yesterday that made me go "wha?"

And I think you will agree. I can't even...yeah. Just - it's just going to have to speak for itself:


Okay, come on... I was just looking at, at their Easter stuff, and came across this:

In the middle of all the cute egg dishes and weird ceramic bunny pitchers, an adult Jeebus costume. Really? Do people dress up like him for Easter? I need to look into this more... I mean, probably at church or something, but are church people shopping at Target for the costume? Don't they have some jeebus store of their own they go to?

If I don't get struck by lightning very shortly, I'll be very surprised...


I now need to know too.

How is dressing up as Jeebus on Easter or at anytime not blatently flying in the face of everything Jeebus is supposed to be about? HOW?

Not that I don't want people to do this, because if there really is a demand for Jeebus costumes at Easter, I'm going to HAVE to find some of the people who use them so I can see this for myself. I might even get up early that day just to see that.

Target was already my favorite place to get tasteless, fun things. I can't wait for their Halloween offerings this year!


Al said...

I figured that since Easter is on a Sunday, Jeebus's day out of the office, he probably would wear dockers and a golf shirt, unless he's working the grill - then he wears an apron too.

On that subject - I saw a great bumper sticker the other day..
"I don't think that Jesus would put a bumper sticker on his big ass, gas guzzling SUV" It was on a Toyota Prius.

Speaking of g-diddy, tell him thanks alot. My NCAA brackets that he was supposed to help me with went right down the tubes.

AndyT13 said...

Target is selling a Jesus costume for Easter? (I was about to type 'Halloween'). Not only that, it's an ADULT Jesus costume? As opposed to what, a baby Jesus costume? That's kinda the same thing he wore on the cross, but I digress. W. T. F. ??????? Um, yes, I think impersonating Jeebus is probably considered sacreligious.
Freakin' bizarre.

Anonymous Assclown said...

Theresa was right. You're funny, for a girl.

(okay, I added the "for a girl" part)

ZooooM said...

Sorry Al. Jeeber's been smiting everyone with the March Madness thing. Thinks he's funny and all.

Andy, See? I just don't get it. Maybe they are putting on a little miracle of Easter show like the Crystal Cathederal....but none of this adds up for me.

Dear Ananymous. Thank you. T is far too good to me. But you already knew that.

Rev. Brandy said...

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

theresa said...

I adore you and your quirky sense of humor.

For the record, I'm exactly the right amount good to you (maybe not even enough), and I'm far too good the the Assclown.

Polyman2 said...

Thanks, just ordered mine, it will be great for Easter, especially after the 2 bottles of wine I go through. You think they'ed throw
a drunk Jesus in the slammer for DWI?

AndyT13 said...

In Texas they would. For sure.

ZooooM said...

Nice one Andy!

T, you make me blush.