Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nothing Goes With Record Heat... illogical anger from a woman.

Last week after work I raced to a birthday dinner with friends. I was on the freeway when I spied THIS sharing our roads:

From afar, when I first noticed it, I thought it was a giant seal. I wasn't wearing my glasses. I fumbled for my camera and began shooting it through the bug encrusted windshield until I got close enough to take a shot out of my passenger window.

And here's where I got annoyed. I'm on an already highly over crowded freeway. It's close to 7pm and there's no speeds over 30mph. Oh, and I was hungry. HANGRY and HOT. And woman. There's no more lethal combination in the world. Just ask Mr. Zoom, or that lady I yelled at once in IKEA.

When I'm close enough to see that this trailer with a Dinosaur Barney on it belongs to a company called - I immediately think freeway Pop Up Ad. Pop Up Ad I can't block, can't click off and worse yet - causes me to take pictures of it while I'm driving.

I am amused at the photo op - as well as the newly acquired ability to say to my friends that evening "I saw a dinosaur on the way here tonight, it was on the freeway with me!" Yet, I am angered that what is probably 24-30 feet of freeway driving space is occupied by an advertisement resembling a Barney designed to appeal to goth children.

I've looked up the company's site on the web:


  • There's nothing there but a little message saying "coming soon". I beg to differ. It's already here and it's riding my freeways with me.

    I've had some time to obtain an attitude adjustment. Air conditioning, and the consumption of food will do that for me.

    I do not know if this company's mission statement includes pimping out life size, durable statues of ... word play. I do not know if I will soon be forced to take a Xanax in preparation of my evening drive home. I can't much handle the sheer joy of a bizzarre photo op and then the irritation of thinking "Ugh. Yet another advertisement crammed down my eye sockets that I can't get away from." I am woman. It is my duty to be both amused and annoyed at the same time.

    I doubt that's what they are after. I'm sure it's something completely harmless and probably clever. In fact, I'm pretty sure that they are just victims of zoom logic.

    Years ago vehicles began to appear that were covered in decals - ads. People signed up and were paid to have their car scream "ad whore" like a city bus - at about 1/4 the size.

    I might have, in my hangry hot state, pulled that long ago phenomenon out of my head and laser beam imposed it on the dinosaur barney truck. Welcome to my super power. It's not pretty, but isn't a super power supposed to be oppressive to the super power-er?


    BostonPobble said...

    "I am woman. It is my duty to be both amused and annoyed at the same time."

    LOVE this!

    theresa said...

    Aren't there enough distractions on the freeways? That should be illegal. Actually, anything that annoys you should be illegal ... me too. When we are Co-Queens of the Universe, we can make it so.

    Unacknowledged Genius said...

    I say we boycott before they even finish constructing whatever it is they're constructing.

    Spider Girl said...

    "Barney for goth children": the image it brought to mind made me laugh. :)

    If you'd had any dino-loving four-year olds in the car with you, that dinosaur would have made their day. sSomething about preschoolers and dinosaurs...

    Barry said...

    Funny how you are annoyed that it takes up 'spce' on a freeway. It isnt space taken up that is the problem, it is that people don't drive, for whatever reasons. I mean look at Daytona Or other NASCAR Races(ad whore cars) they are crowded and move fast...

    Unacknowledged Genius said...

    I just passed a truck hauling a billboard shaped trailer thingie. A freaking traveling billboard. I was thoroughly disgusted.

    And might I just say "BAH!" to Barry

    Al said...

    Ohhhhh Nooooo, there goes Tokyo, go go godzilla

    ZooooM said...

    Hey everyone! It's been soo effing hot here, I've pretty much run away from the computer.

    Plus, we are facing severe power outages every day.

    Just wanted to thank all of you for stopping by and participating in my dementia.

    AndyT13 said...

    Super-power-er? Superhero? Super heroine? Oh bother. BTW I betcha pre-schoolers wouldn't be so happy to see dinosaurs if those dinosaurs made a habit of EATING THEM.

    Ryan said...

    Oh poo. All I ever see on Connecticut highways, are old people from Florida.