Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Toll Road Hate: The Sequel

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The 4th of July was a nice day. Mr. Zoom and I went to a beach community where our Jeebersitter lives. She had an open house type thing we couldn't resist. The day was so good that Jeeber didn't even get out of his bag. Seriously.

Upon entering the enclosed porch area, a friend who had already arrived at the house handed me a jello shot and said "CATCHTHS UP! I'm already had thwoo!" It was the most convenient, yet strange jello shot I've ever seen. It was in one of those salsa containers they give you at El Pollo Loco through the drive through. It had the lid and everything. My pal had her 3rd and I had my first. It hit me about 10 minutes later. I had to resist any more, as I had to work today. I kept to my 2 can Sam beer limit after that.

We walked down to the beach and on our way found this here, bigger than life size....

Moose. I kept calling it a moose. *sigh*

You can see our excellent party hostess and favorite Jeeber Sitter in the background. I put a circle around her so it's a little easier to see her. Although because I had to use Flickr, the picture is a bit small.

When it came time to watch fireworks, some of our party grabbed surf boards to paddle out by the pier to watch.


Polyman2 said...

It's the 4th of July Moose!
Glad you had a great day.

Barry said...

hahahaha!!! a Moose?!?!?!


Spider Girl said...

Jello shots...they can hit you hard.

I once went to a party back in my high school days and while the watermelon-jello shots flowed it was a great party.

Then they ran out of jello. The party just wasn't the same level of quality after that.