Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wherever You Hang Your Shingle

Last week we got one of those company wide notifications that we were to clean out our desks and voluntarily surrender any office supplies that were in excess of "one week's supply." It was pretty fun to listen to the defensive whispers as people opened and read the notice - "uh, I'd like to see management come over here and prove I can't use all of this in one week." or "Deposit excess supplies in collection containers? How about I deposit this instead?" "Will it bring back the open bar and real holiday parties for this company? No? Ok, then I think I'll keep the 6 extra post it pads I currently have."

I joined right in, for there's nothing like telling management what you think of their memo when you believe you are fairly safe from them actually hearing these brave words come out of your mouth.

I opened one of my drawers and dug through the 317 pen caps, 12 post it note flags in 4 different colors, 5 feral staple sticks that escaped from their box, and some rubber bands that eerily held all of this together. Under all of this I found a supply I had TOTALLY forgoten even existed.

White Out Tape. I think it's also made by the post it people. It is used like white out, but can be removed from the document when you are done - no damage to the document. It comes in all kinds of sizes. I found the 1 inch version hiding in my desk and screaming to be used. This week.

This is the office window of one of the associates I work for.

"When will the tape stop screaming?"


Spin_Doc1 said...

Wow and I thought my last job was bad!

AndyT13 said...

Oh that's too good. Oh. My. God.
BTW uh...Feral staple sticks?
Nice. You are by far my favorite blogger. Nobody has quite the spin on their life that you do. Love ya!