Sunday, July 09, 2006

Spills Consistently

Really not much going on lately. I would love to be spending my non-work time outside with my camera(s), taking less than mediocre pictures of things that amuse me, but I'm not. It's too EFing hot outside. And I've exhausted all of the places I can go alone. Without Mr. Zoom or some other brave friend to keep me from getting into trouble.

Until summer ends, I'm left with those opportunities that land in my lap. And there aren't many. Even I recognize the boredom that could kill by posting only pictures of the drive throughs I visit on my Flickr account.

I went to the gym yesterday because I figured it had a/c, and I know there's hardly anyone there on a Saturday afternoon. I walked in and a huge, muscl-y employee with not enough to do (apparently) yelled across the floor "YOU HERE TO RIP IT UP!?" I kept looking behind me to see who he was talking to. Yeah, he was hollering at me. When I figured that out, I looked at the floor and then bolted for the upstairs where I do my thing. And I surely wouldn't consider what I do "ripping it up", unless that now means consistently picking the machine that makes the most annoying noise in the whole gym.

Myspace. I've found a ton of people on there that I know or knew in the past. Co-workers who don't know I see them, that kind of thing. I have a friend or two that plays in bands, so they've encouraged me to check out their page. Which I did and still do from time to time. I put our zip code in the browse feature and when the results came up I said to Mr. Zoom: "Funny, when I go outside - the public doesn't look nearly as good as you would think they would by looking at this."

If myspace existed when I was in college or even when I was in my late 20s, I bet I'd have joined in and had one of those profiles that takes about 4 mintues to load and even then, doesn't quite load everything properly. And the curser would be customized. I'd probably have no friends. I'm not saying older people these days can't have fun with it. It's just that for me and in my stage of life, I don't have the time or energy to do more than give it a fake name, fake e-mail, fake location and check out all of my friends and co-workers with it.

Last night Mr. Zoom had an ice hockey game. I opted to stay home and watch a movie. I hit the couch with a glass of ice water. I put the glass down on a coaster. I swear to you, that glass levitated, turned upside down and landed on the rug - and all over my slippers. All I could do was look down and say "Oh, of course. I was due for a spill."

When Mr. Zoom came home I said "HONEY! I did that trick I always do where the glass of water and all of the ice ends up on the living room floor!" He said "OOOOO, I did one too! I went to Del Taco and afterwards made a turn too quickly. The whole thing went all over the floor of the truck!"

Mr. Zoom usually performs food juggling exclusively where I am the expert at unintentional beverage flinging. I guess the heat effects us all in different ways.


Al said...

Hey zooms -
Know all about the heat - Yesterday I woke up and I swaer it was 90 degrees with 90% Humidity.
Paraphrasing Dean Wermer "hot & Sticky is no way to go through life son"
A couple people at the office are on myspace - It's freakin' amazing what people will put on their profile things. One chick is quite ummm "adventerous". and has severl pictures posted that leave little to the imagination.. yah, i'm sure you really want your employers to know what "flips your trigger"...

AndyT13 said...

Food juggling! UNintentional beverage flinging! Hahahahah!
I can always count on you for a priceless quote. Occasionally when there's enough condensation on a glass and I put it down on a smooth surface it will indeed levitate (they call the hydroplaning I think) and I will go chasing after it until I suceed it helping it hit the floor. If the beverage is dark and stainy the landing surface will be an expensive rug (the lighter the carpet the darker the liquid). If the liquid is clear the floor will be stone and the glass will shatter EVERYWHERE. That's the extent of my beverage circus.

Unacknowledged Genius said...

I don't spill things, I swallow funny, choke then cough uncontrollably in public..I think I have a shy esophagus. It's embarrassing.

Spider Girl said...

It's summer: the absolute best time for splashing ice-water about. :)

ZooooM said...

Al, it was soo bad that one co-worker I found ... I couldn't even look at him directly for a month. Then one happy hour, I finally said "dude, (yeah, sometimes we just talk like that) I totally found your profile on myspace. What are you doing listing the company on your profile?" He was mortified, and I felt a little bad that I had embarassed him, but then a little not.

Andy, you are too kind. I like your rug math though. And our floors are almost all percent stone, so any glass does go all the way to China.

UG, I LOVE your shy esophagus description. My mom has that.

Hi Spider Girl. You are right. It's just that I'm positive the chasing of the ice cubes around the house that ensued was not anything anyone wanted to see.

Polyman2 said...

I'm an air conditioned hippie. I go from my AC house to my AC car to my AC job. That's my summer.
Back in my day I probably wouldn't have gone to MY Space, it's too personal.
...My kids are great at spilling everything, usually on me.