Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's Like Morning Conversation with the Zooms

Mr. Zoom and I were having our typical

"....bla bla distrubing conversation, disturbing conversation, bla bla bla...."

He stopped me mid bla and asked "You know this why?"

"...uh, ok, but remember you asked for this..."

This is when he put on his sassy pants and delivered a speech. "Did I also ask for you to get out of the shower every day, refuse to dry off, and then hug me so that all the water ends up on my clothes?"

I have a strange dislike for bothering to "dry off like a normal person" after a shower. It's one of my features.

"Yes, yes you did. When you said 'I do'".

"Oh really? I don't remember that."

"That's ok, most men don't remember much about their wedding. You love being my towel."

"I do.?!"

"SEE! You just asked for it again!"


Polyman2 said...

Better a towel,
than a doormat.
I think we men,
have selective

ZooooM said...

Oh, I probably misrepresented Mr. Zoom's sassyness a little bit. We have this kinda biting, playful grr thing we throw at each other. And that's exactly how he was delivering this rant. So it's all good. He's always amazing in what he puts up with from me - with a smile no less.

Unacknowledged Genius said...

You sound perfect for each other.

sobrietybreedscontempt said...

Hahahahah, endearing repartee! It's interesting how men get selective amnesia about their wedding, someone else was talking about that just yesterday!

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