Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's Like Scrubs is in Syndication

Once again I'm in a place where I can't post very much. And as you are all probably sick of hearing me say, I can't read the rest of you, or comment from the office. It makes me sad, because I'm getting to know a few more writers out there and I like their stuff.

And comments. I believe in a past comment, Wolf Girl eloquently described how my (hesitant to call it a) brain works when interacting with others. I adore how you people give me little bits of fortune cookie like wisdom to carry with me. I just wish I could let you know that a little more often, or with a little more consistency.

Lately, the office thinks it needs me more than usual. Although I'm positive I will have caused a revision of that assessment within the week. This combined with the fact that *heart* Scrubs is now in syndication on WGN, well - I'm pretty useless by the end of the day. More so than normal.

The only things that have even hit my radar that aren't Scrubs or work related are these:

1. Supermarket milk is kept at an alarmingly cold temperature. I'm talking dry ice like injuries from carrying the stuff 100 feet to the register. Ice cream containers don't even make me do the hand switch, use the arms of my shirt for protection wiggles like supermarket milk did last night. And we had four containers of ice cream Dibs with us, so I know. I kept telling Mr. Zoom how much this concerned me - and he properly dismissed me by explaining "you picked the ones from the back, knucklehead."

2. Finkos (FedExKinko's) are ruining things. Kinkos was always open 24 hours a day, and now some Finkos have HOURS! That's not cool. Ok sure, I don't ever need a Finkos, but that's not the point. For some reason I find a Finkos with hours to be a threat to my sense of "things that just are." Like, 7-11 is always open, there is always something you need from Target, and Mr. Zoom will always get out of a traffic ticket, and I will not.

So there you have it. I'll be out for about a week, wherein out means being at the office (more than normal) and unintentionally alienating my co-workers (some of them for perhaps the third or fourth time).


AndyT13 said...

We'll miss you Zoomie. Work hard, be a good girl and try not to get into too much mischeif. Or, if you do, please be sure and tell us all about it. :-)

eros in wunderland said...

I've arrived
and now your gone.

Jonathan America said...

Aww...poor baby actually has to work at the job. You make me sick.

Polyman2 said...

What a douche bag.

Barry said...

Even tis makes me giggle..

ZooooM said...

YAY! HATE MAIL! Er, actually hate comment I guess. Welcome Mr. America. It's not the first time I've heard that or the last.

Andy, so far it's just been long hours at the office. Got cases going to trial soon.

Eros, you are here and I'll be around eventually.

Poly, thanks for the support, but really and honestly, that kind of thing totally makes me laugh.

Barry, you just keep yourself safe, sir.

The Idiot said...

Um yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about our boy Captain America.

His profile says that he's a consultant.

Which means he's never done any real work in his entire life.

theresa said...

Come back when life has calmed down a bit. You'll be missed, of course, but everyone has times when meat-life gets in the way of blog-life.