Wednesday, November 30, 2005

An Open Letter to NBC

Dear NBC:

Enough with the foreplay already. PUT SCRUBS ON THE FRIGGING AIR. C'mon. I know you want to.

The show wasn't canceled. However, it isn't going to succeed with an INVISIBLE 5th season. I'm embarrassed for you that I had to point that out.

Just because someone finally pulled their head out of their rectum and started putting previous seasons on DVD does not mean that I DON'T WANT TO SEE THE NEXT SEASON.

Scrubs. The show so good that (say it with me people) if it had an ass, I'd slap it.

Friends and family want to know about this show that I adore. When I tell them, they say "Is that even on the air anymore?"

I try to defend you. I say "Well, uh yeah...but they haven't started showing the next season yet."

That's when I get the look that says "They only let you outside to get some sun and fresh air, huh. They will be back soon to return you to your room, right? How come nobody told me you had been re-located to a safe place?"

I have enough crazy going for me without your help. Just ask my husband. I'm positive he only married me because there might be some kind of Federal tax break for taking me on. So please. I'm begging you. PUT THE 5TH SEASON ON THE AIR.

Thank you for your time.


The Management said...

Screw SCRUBS! (sorry for the bad language)... Last night NBC didn't air My Name is Earl. Instead they had an hour long episode of The Biggest Loser. WTF????

I seriously wanna slap some NBC guys silly. Earl, the best show they EVER had on the air... replaced by whiney fat people talking about how freaking hard it is for them.

I like Scrubs, I take back my "screw Scrubs" comment... but still I don't "watch" (i.e. remember what night it is on, what time, and change my life accordingly)very many shows... When I do it's a damn good show and these SUITS always think they know better and take my shows off the air... NBC, you my friends are very close to having your channel blocked on my TV (like the WB was for over a year after Angel was canceled).

Anyway... best of luck with Scrubs, however I just wouldn't put my faith in TV Executives at all. Morons every last one of em.


Rev. Brandy said...

I agree with Managerial Otter (don't everyone faint at once; the planets have probably aligned or some other anomaly) . . . TV executives are retards.

In the most non-politically-correct definition of the term: total retards.

For example: "American Gothic." Great, quirky, wacko show with a good cast and interesting characters. It didn't even survive a season. Let's not forget "My So-Called Life," which I discovered years later when MTV actually got its head out of its rectum and scarfed up the whole series, airing all episodes. As an aside, I have to say that I can't bring myself to watch ANYTHING on MTV anymore. I was THRILLED when I got my Sirius radio and discovered that Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn are DJs on the 80s station. What a treat! It brought back so many memories of watching . . . MUSIC . . . on MTV.

Anyway, I lost my train of thought.

You probably shouldn't pay me any mind because I DID get sucked into EVERY LAST episode of "Breaking Bonaduce," and I loved every dysfunctional minute of it. I thought, in the immortal words of Mr. Zoom (LOVE that; you guys ARE the cutest), that if it had an ass, I would slap it.

ZooooM said...

Ah Otter, I likes the Earl too. The episode with the golfer/beer/them fixing his games/fair/Smokey and the Bandit one had me laughing for hours.

Scrubs has been my thing though for about 2 years and Mr. Zoom finds all the other good shows. So this was my thing, and it's NOT ON THE AIR. Grrr.

I've had beer this evening. Probably shouldn't be posting.


I don't have any faith in any suit of any corporation, really. Especially entertainment suits.

Otter, get yourself an underwater cheater tivo from your cable provider. I'm telling you, it takes the having to remember crap right out of the equasion. It makes for great Sunday t.v. time when one might be hung over.

Rev, I never saw American Gothic. But that's what happens. New shows are gone before they barely even air, and even established shows seem to disappear without much notice.

I haven't watched MTV on purpose in probably a decade. I don't even think they have music on there anymore, do they? I did watch Aeon Flux and liquid television - I can't remember when those aired, but it's the last time I ever watched MTV.

MTV 2 sometimes has music these days, I think. They also have Viva La Bam, which wile pointless, makes me laugh too.

theresa said...

I hope NBC reads your letter, Sweetie. I've seen Scrubs. It's good.

Lately, I haven't been much of a TV watcher. I still haven't gotten rid of my roomie. He's always in the room where the TV lives and lately I have fantasies of throwing it on his head. That would solve the problem of living with him, but then I'd have two problems: broken TV and dead body.

Al said...

Zooms - I think Scrub's has been slated as a mid-season replacement.
Never trust the intellegence of the media.

Aisha T. said...

I love Scrubs! That show is freakin' hilarious. Well, I wanted them to continue with Firefly also but....yeah, didn't go past season 1. Ooookay, the nerd is going back to her nerdery now.