Tuesday, May 03, 2005

All The Rumors Are True

Me to C, on the way to get some dinner last night: "I wonder if they have chocolate salad."


Blondie said...

what is a chocolate salad? Pray, do tell!

J said...

I bet a salad with Magic Shell would be the bomb.

"Hardens in seconds!"

Then again, I've got something that hardens in seconds.

Even in Heroville. Yes, Even in Heroville.

ZooooM said...

If I ever figure any of the stuff that my face comes up with, I will let you guys know.

C bought me some Godiva chocolate salad fixins today. Lost of Carmel and chocolate, all able to be tossed lightly and devoured.

Magic Shell....I have not seen that stuff in ages. Mostly due to the fact that my two older brothers fooled me into eating dirt many times in my youth - so I didn't trust much that resembled said dirt creations.

Ya got dirt there in Heroville?