Sunday, May 08, 2005

Kids Are Great, In Costume.

Posted by Hello There's a giant agricultural area next to this elementary school in Huntington Beach. Yesterday, C and I went to see the bunnies, goats, chickens, etc. that live in there. It is used to teach the kids about taking care of animals, etc.

This little girl was walking by with her family, fairy wings and all. She was trying to feed the goats through the fence (her Dad had broken this branch off of a tree for her).

Both C and I think this is probably one of the more fun aspects of having children. The times they find a costume or any other wacky clothing item, and they want to wear it EVERYWHERE. And just because we recognize that kids can be fun and great and whatever, it does not mean that we want any of our own. We just don't. We are more than happy to look on as other people do the tough job of raising little creative clothing souls.

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