Tuesday, May 10, 2005

She's Visiting the Bishop

I'm pretty sure this post isn't going to hold much value to anyone who happens to stumble upon it - not that anything I put here is intended to benefit anyone but me anyway. This is probably going to be full of contradictions and logical impossibilities, but I don't care. There's a conflict swimming around in my head and I want to put it on virtual paper.

There are two people in my life who are currently involved with one another. The problem is, one of them is married. The other one is fully aware of this fact, but continues the relationship anyway. The spouse does not know about the affair.

Neither one of them know that I know what they are up to.

Many other people approach one or the other of them asking if they want to "do something", as friends often will. Because their relationship is secret, they are constantly coming up with excuses as to why they are unable to attend friend outings.

Now, you should know that I do not believe I have any right to decide if someone else's actions are "wrong" or "right". As long as you aren't hurting me or someone/something I very much care about, to each his own. This isn't to say that I would shrug off finding out someone abused a child or clubbed a seal - the obvious big ones are what I'd call "Wrong wrong wrong."

But here's the thing. As much as I bark about society imposing outdated ideas on people (you must get married and have a baby...you must buy me a gift for Valentines day), I've apparently decided they are right about marriage? That adultery free marriage is is a "should" for people?


I mean, I've always believed that marriage would be an adultery free experinece on my part, but since when do I get all wound up if other people don't?

Whenever I hear the two people mentioned above laying the groundwork of "why they can't go out tonight", I find myself boiling with "OOOOOOH, I hope they slip up and get caught!"

Maybe it's just that my head is going to explode because they have taken to using church activities as an excuse:

"I can't. I've got a church function tonight."

"I can't. I've got bible study tonight. Believe it or not."

Oh! silly me. I didn't realize you were a member of Our Lady of the Nooner?

Are you trying to be the Patron Saint of Blow Jobs?

Is that the Church of NoPants?

Enter your own bishop joke here:

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