Sunday, May 22, 2005

There's No Escape From Crazy Cat Ladydom

C is awful allergic to dogs and kitties. He was sidelined by asthma through almost all of his childhood. He finally got it under control. Then he met me.

I had a cat. C had dated other women with cats, and had done just fine. This time however, I manged to own the one cat that would bring back an asthma which had been dormant for approximately15 years. He must truly love a challenge.

Through painful experiments and analysis of our situation, it was decided that kitty had to find another home. Which he did with my parents...and I can tell you he's so over me it's not even funny. After all, he's as close to a grandchild as they are ever going to get out of me, and they know it.

So C and I embark on our life together in a new home.

The previous owners had installed a pond, complete with fish. The first set met an untimely death (Read Tales Told by an Idiot for that back story), but have since been replaced.

Then we notice a baby bunny sortof living in our yard. Ok then. We name it Skirball and soon notice a second. His name is Flash. Last night we see two more.

While investigating we realize we also have some kind of family of something else living in our backyard fence. It's either possum, rats, or field mice. It could even be lizzards, we just haven't been able to clearly see what they are yet.

This morning while checking on the fish - a hummingbird tried to kill me in order to get to the fountain in the pond. He's still hanging around. Along with the humming bird sized bumble bees we've been dodging on our way out in the mornings and upon our return in the evenings.

As I sit to write this, I've been able to watch 5 or more birds at a time that are taking dirt baths in the courtyard. I've seen them bathe in the fountain, but never in the dirt. They are knocking each other out of the way in order to do this.

I'm not particularly fond of birds in the first place, and this isn't helping me to think they are anything but dumb dirty creatures. It's been 100 degrees in the last two days - why roll in the dirt? You are not an elephant. You are not creating a mud shield. You are a noisey, pooping machine and you are rolling around in the dirt.

We have giant crows that fly by the restaurants in the shopping center behind us and gather ketchup packets. They bring them to our roof and break them open there. They are also quite skilled at manipulating the miniature plastic side container of salsa that is handed out by the taco place and we've even found soy sauce packets from the japanese place over there.

And I thought that finding a man and having a life would save me from the Crazy Cat Lady thing.

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