Monday, May 09, 2005

What Series Is Your Dollar?

I am forever going to be that person who rarely forwards anything, but when she does, everyone has already seen it about 5,349,200,331 times.

Example? The Easter cartoon with the chocolate bunnies, ears missing on one bunny and .... well, I can't remember but I know you've seen it. This year I saw it for the first time, laughed like an idiot for about 3 hours and all of my pals said "aww, that's cute.....and it was cute 3 years ago too."

That being said, let's embrace that girl.

I was digging for cash to purchase my coffee whistle this morning, when I noticed one of my dollar bills had writing on it:

Tonight I go there and it's this bill tracking device which allows you to put in the serial number and the series number of any bill, any denomination - and get back a report of where it's been.

It's like Friendster for money, or something.

My dollar was in Vegas last year. I'd be willing to bet it would like to go back there. I'd also be willing to bet that, even though not on the report, it has been to 75% of the Targets in California.

And be warned. If you do go to George, make sure you find the box where you put the "series" number in. I spent a good 5 minutes asking the reject page "Well where the frick IS THIS BOX you require me to fill in? Because I can't seeeeeeeee itttttttttt."

You don't have to be a member to enter a bill and get a report, but you do have to be a member to do further tracking of that bill.

I did not and will not join. I don't need any more activities requiring exact data input or passwords.

No, apparently I've got to spend my time throwing baby carrots into our courtyard for a wild bunny we've seen around. Way to go, dumbass. The bunny froze, watched me throw the carrots (4), stayed frozen for another 3 minutes solid - and then ran the hell away sans carrot.


Peter Gibbons said...

Sorry I haven't posted too much lately, I wonder if I have lost the race with Maddox. Oh well, saw that you commented awhile back and I wanted to stay true to all my loyal fans.

ZooooM said...

You will always be in the race with Maddox. That Jeep business nearly killed me. Thanks for stopping by!

Derek said...

Hey wheres George is a cool site found it a few years ago on a dollar was hooked for a week or two and then I moved out of my house and could not remember the site address to save my life I know I have a user name and password on there but oh well that is a good find fun to be had by all

ZooooM said...

Hi Derek. And true to my form, I found george about 7 years after it hit the net. *sigh* But hey, we've always got porn in the meantime, right?