Sunday, May 01, 2005

I'm a Craptacular Photographer And I Don't Cook

Anybody else ever learn about scary looking bugs in science class and then assume you'd never come face to face with any of them? Unless you traveled to say...Africa or something? Try weeding your own yard. You'll be both amazed and terrified at what lives there. Looks like a colony of mini and not so mini monster models for a depository of standard Sci-Fi imagery.

For the "ways C and I differ" file, I give you project completion.

C is very logical, very on task and efficient. I am ADD symptomatic, or "what is in my field of vision is what I focus la la what was I doing?"

Yesterday C and I decided it was time to get the weeds under control in our yard before the association decides to send us a letter, enhanced with photo evidence of our mis-use of prior free time.

He begins in one corner and systematically works from there. I decide to literally pepper the yard with my assistance. Sometimes I'd make piles of the weeds, sometimes I'd walk each handfull over to the trash can. In fact at this moment, there are about 5 pulled weeds that caught my attention today, that I've managed to leave in the yard in two places. See what I mean?

At one point yesterday I remembered that my new digital camera has a macro function on it that I hadn't found yet. I could have read the directions, but it's easier for me to fumble around with the controls randomly and figure it out.

I got the camera out, found the macro function and began playing with that. There was a moment when I was practically standing on top of C trying to get a shot of something. He didn't even flinch.

It's not that I'm even any good at this picture taking business. Before digital, my dabbling in pictures would only produce "wow, that might have been ok if...." type results. Now that digital is here, they come out with less technical errors - but still remain as bland and uninteresting as they can be. And let's not even get started on the manipulative abilities of Adobe and other programs. Those don't help me much either, and I could never apply them to the pictures I take. Even if the results were good. It would feel like cheating, not like I created something neat out of talent.

But it keeps me wildly entertained.

Which has got to be the only reason I have not managed to overheat and blow out the logic machine in C's brain. He must really love me.

After all, I don't even cook. That's a little more precision and instruction following than I can manage. Or in the words of one of my most admired pals R - "I can microwave a mean rectangular dinner."

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