Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Here's a Ladder, Climb Over Yourself.

We have cable t.v. It came with a control. This control is not complicatred. Unless you are me.

There's a button for t.v., one for audio, and one for cable. There are others on there, but I don't touch those. If I play a DVD, I'll get up and do the flickity flick on the t.v. and DVD player in person. There have been times where entire systems have had to be re-set because of my attempts at using the other features on the control.

This morning before C and I leave for work, I click off T.V. and AUDIO. I have to be super careful to leave the cable part on, so that the cheater Tivo can do it's magical job. C comes over and says "Did you manage to turn off the T.V. this time?"

I've been falling for the remote's ruse of fake T.V. offage. There's no picture, there's no sound, but somehow the damn thing is still "on".

Not knowing that Zoom's sense of humor feature had been turned to "irrational girly deduction mode", C had no way of knowing what was about to happen. I translated C's comment as follows: "You are a secret weapon of domestic doom, aren't you. At this rate, there's going to be an escalation of unintended results which may or may not be surmountable... maybe as we drive away from the house some morning, your clicking of the garage door opener will cause de-magnetization of all of our bank cards...and heck, probably our office security cards too!"

I immediately retorted with something nobody can argue with: "FINE. I'm never turning the T.V. off again. Apparently I can't do it right, so NOPE. Never again." Then I dramatically gatherd things for work and walked out the door towards the car.

Could I have been more ridiculous in reaction? I doubt it.

Now, I pride myself on being able to laugh at my me-ness. How can we not laugh at someone who uses the word "paralyzation" - not only out loud - but with authority? So why the girly reaction from me this morning?

I do not know.

Maybe it happened when I accidentally set off the home security system the other day?

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