Thursday, March 17, 2005

E, Wanker, Super E and Master of "What E-Mail"

The Christmas card I sent you and Ninja B came back "addressees unknown" or somesuch. I actually thought you guys just abandoned Earth and went *poof*. C and I missed you, we were sad. I even tried to make AIM work and see if you were out there somewhere. says coming soon. When is soon, E? When? I've checked in for quite a while only to find that cute little devil head in your logo looking back at me. THERE USED TO BE CONTENT, DAMMIT. I even managed to utilize the cache feature on Google to see page past....although that doesn't work anymore.

There are so many things we have to share with you. Lines from one of our favorite shows like "Hot air balloon? It's floating WICKER powered by FIRE! Of course I'm afraid of it."

There have been many social missteps by me in this last year or so that I lost you.

I hope to see you and Ninja B at the party of the cute one on Saturday.

Anyone who knows us can see that me being able to talk to you again because of a one-year-old child's birthday party is pretty funny.


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