Thursday, March 31, 2005

Red-Headded Cliche

Apparently there is this butterfly migration going on here in the So Cal. This is very distracting for me. I find myself watching the butterflies like a house cat peering throug a window. C has had trouble getting me to actually "get in" the car now, because I'm pointing and saying "ooooh lookie", as if we haven't already seen 4,365 of them fly by in the last 3 minutes, or 3 days for that matter.

Last night he said "You have officially become a Red-Headded cliche....' I saw a!'". How prophetic that statement was.

I had a Dr. appointment at 10 a.m. today. I droped C off at work so we could carpool home tonight. I nagged him about just stopping the car in front of the building so I could literally throw him out and get on my way - because I was afraid I'd be late. He did what he should have done and told me to settle down, I'd have plenty of time.

I should have listened to him and quit acting like a girl. I got there a half hour early. So I had time to kill and I noticed that there were a lot of the butterflies migrating by there, so why not get a few pictures? Theoretically - sure. Harmless enough. In practice? Not so much.

I'm snapping away, all the while knowing that NONE of them are going to show up on the pictures, because it's just not that easy. After about the 6th shot, this Large Doughnut Consuming Man came out and shouted from his perch "HEY YOU! I'm the general manager of this building, WHY ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES OF THE BUILDING?"

I shouted back "I'm not. I'm shooting butterflies and your building just happens to be there." He says "WHAT?!" I shout again "THE BUTTERFLIES!" And he just went back inside to - I don't know - call the cops probably.

I decided to go see my Doctor early at that point.

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