Thursday, March 24, 2005

Easter Break Begins With Flat Basketball

I just moved into this neighborhood December, 2004. I still haven't learned about my neighbors. I have, however, proven that I have become an old lady with a doom and cranky pants outlook. Second only to my fear of becoming a carbon copy of my mother.

Last night when I turned onto my street, I saw groups of people on both the right and left side of the street. About 7 on each side. My first thought was " Where’s the ambulance/firetruck/police?" I was sure something tragic had happened and these people were out looking on.

It was simply a group of college kids, probably home for Easter break, playing basketball in the street. I know if I had been 15 years younger, my first thought would have been "KEGGER! How do I get in?".

When did I become that adult that automatically assumes the worst case scenario? I was so frustrated with myself that I wanted to run over their basketball.

It also further served to remind me that I desperately need new glasses. Maybe if I didn’t have to guess what the blobs of light and dark are while I’m driving, walking, generally existing...I could be a little less dramatic about my surroundings.

And maybe then I could see well enough to run over the basketball.

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