Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Told You Already I'm Not Right!

So the office "alarm" goes off. This is pretty common, so we all wait for the voice to tell us they are investigating and will get back to us. We wait. We wait. We waitwat.

People start to mill about looking for anyone who has the info. "Is it a false alarm? Did they announce what it is yet?" um. NO. Soon, people start to say things like "Well, normally they tell us it's false by now, we should probably go."

So about five of us, upon further coersion from the office emergency floor person, enter the stairwell and begin the trek down 14 flights of stairs. Thing is, we realize no one else has come in and no one from the floors above or below us are in the stairwells yet.

We make it down to the lobby where there are probably about 30 other people who have fallen for the same alarm waiting to take an elevator back up.

I re-enter my own office to receive the mocking of fellow employees who were "smart enough and calm enough to wait it out." ok. That's fine. Laugh all you want...but now I've had unexpected exercise! For free!
I've been trying to justify the cost of joining a gym and now I don't have to think about that for 2 more days.

I don't mind being known as the girl who runs for the door when there's danger. I think it's funny myself. If there's an earthquake, you can bet you will see those cartoon swoosh marks left behind as I bolt for the doorway...any doorway to escape. To where? I don't know. I know all the rules for maximum safety in an earthquake, fire, what have you. Unfortunately, my body believes that running away is ALWAYS the answer.

My own office tried to assign me to the Emergency Team and I had to tell them I could not do it. I'm sure they thought I was just trying to get out of another office thing, but honest, I wasn't. C even laughed when he heard they suggested me for the team. He knows I'm a runner. There's no way I'd be able to competently guide others in a true emergency, and I even told them that today - my "Law and Order" surprise evidence for the end of the show - if my day were that interesting. "See that? I ran. I told you guys I can't be trusted when the alarms go off."

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