Friday, March 04, 2005

Who Chainsaws at 7 am on a Friday?

The picture below is my misguided attempt at posting a comic that has made me giggle for days. Instead of that, I posted a "If I were a SouthPark character" that C created for me from that site - which I'm too short of attention span to go to myself.

And let's just say that even though I didn't get the right picture posted, I did post something. And that says a lot. If I bothered to read all the instructions that came with the picture posting thingamawhatsit here...maybe I could have done what I wanted. But who reads those? I'm such a simpleton. All I want is for it to be intutive and clickable which ideally = desired result. At least in my world.

I find myself unable to concentrate on instructions for very long. I used to be one of those "guys never read instructions...arrrr....women would work if.....arrr" people, but now I fumble through and hope something good happens.

I actually worry about myself in this regard. I was telling C the other day that I find myself unwilling to plow through pages of text - even when I'm dutifully researching something I'm excited about or really need information on. I'm so used to finding what I need on the internet AND finding it in a format that I like rather quickly. So, if I don't succeed in finding it right away I wander away to my next project - often irritated. Now who's fault is that?

I am the Ikea catalogue figure in the assembly instructions.

This morning I was in the shower. I heard a rumble noise, which to me sounded like thunder. It rained a little last night. We don't get thunder too often, and the last few times we did it came with tornado warnings.

Anyway, I heard the noise and my heart jumped a little bit. I soon realized it was only the sound of C working in the room next to the bathroom. I quickly giggled at my skittishness and went about my business.

I'm washing my face, which means eyes closed tight so no soap gets in there. I can hear a noise, which to me sounds like the neighbors are using a chainsaw. I think "who uses a chainsaw at this hour? Well they were using a table saw one night at 11 anything is possible."

I turn to get my face out of the water and open my eyes.

My face starts screaming really loud! C was up against the outside of the shower door and it made me scary movie scream. I went from thinking "Neighbors using chainsaw" to seeing "Blurry form of being up against my shower - RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!" all too fast.

I was laugh crying so hard I was trembling. Poor C. He felt SOOOOOO BAD. I tried to reassure him when I had collected myself enough to only laugh hysterically at myself.

By the way. I'm too lazy and short of attention to spell check these postings.

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